225 Watt Advance Spectrum MAX 3w-Chip Modular LED Grow Light U.F.O. Kit

Advance SpectrumSKU: CID-225W3LEDU-6B

Color: Multi Band
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We bring our cold sensitive plants in for the winter....into our living room. I heard good things about this light but the moment I plugged it in I could tell I wasn't going to be able to tolerate it. Weird blinding purple light that made me feel like I was going to get a migraine if I stayed in the room. Good for a grow tent or dedicated room. Not good for open room where you hang out.


What kind of power cord does this kit use I got a used light with no power cord


Order 1 then ordered another.these lights are amazing.Restored my faith in l.e.d lights so much i just ordered 1 360 watt and 1 450 watt advance spectrum panel.can't wait to see them at work.Great looking plants with lilttle heat and no light bill.Thanks GrowAce.

real talk

these are great! and yes they do produce heat, but not a gross amount and not to the point where if you touch it it feels very hot. great for veg and flower for all types of plants. grew some absurd stuff with these, don't be afraid to buy this. Wish they would send me free ones so i could show all of you how bad ass they can be from seed to flower. been working for months. hit me up grow ace and i will write more reviews and even start making videos reviewing your AWESOME products. :) stay happy and healthy y'all! HMU GROW ACE!!!!


I grow a decent amount of herbs, I personally have really had a good experience with this LED so far. Each of the different herbs have responded well to the LED, I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about sun spots anymore and since I can now grow in a much more controlled environment I have noticed that I don't deal with as many issues with silly insects that like to eat my plants! The LED is very efficient with the energy used to run it, I was expecting to have a huge jump on my electricity bill, however I did notice a slight increase, but not nearly to the extent I thought I would.

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