225 Watt Advance Spectrum MAX 3w-Chip Modular LED Grow Light U.F.O. Kit

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Colors: Blue
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Do you need UFO LED grow lights for indoor plants? The Advanced Spectrum MAX Modular 225w 3w-Chip LED Grow Light Kit is the end all be all UFO grow light! Its modular design means your entire panel is customizable, and if a diode goes out it will not be affect the rest of the light (like inferrior lights do). Its slopped edges and holes help prevent against excessive dust and its internal fans and steel frame help draw heat away from the light in order to keep the little heat the LED emits to a minimum.

Full spectrum coverage for this LED starts at 12" and penetrates up to 5 feet above the plant. This light also has a wider 90 degree lens for wider and more even light coverage than the other LED UFO's lenses on the market. With a 75x piece combination of diodes backed by 3w chips, this UFO LED grow light is the ultimate grow light for your indoor plants!

Why buy Advanced Spectrum UFO LED Grow Lights?

Intesnse Lenses: 90 degree lenses offer 50% more intensity for better coverage.
Modular Design: No glue, no glass, no fuss! Diodes that go out do not affect the rest of the panel, and any parts that need replacing are a snap!
Intelligent Detection: There are diodes on the side of the panel that indicate any operating defects, so you won't have to wait until it's too late for repair.
Low Heat: The heat dissipation design and internal fans help keep our LED's 10-15 degrees cooler than other LED's.
Better for Environment: These LED's save 50-90% in energy consumption versus incandescent and fluorescent tubes!
Aprox. Lifespan: 50,000+ hours
Easy to install, use, and repair!

UFO LED Grow Light Specifications:

  1. Brand New in Retail Package and Ready to Ship
  2. Weight: 10 lbs
  3. UFO LED Grow Light Dimensions: 10" x 5.5"
  4. Red LED wavelength: 660nm
  5. Orange LED wavelength: 630nm
  6. Blue LED wavelength: 465nm
  7. Light Blue LED wavelength: 430nm
  8. White LED wavelength: 6000k
  9. 90 Degree Angle Lens for optimum light penetration and intensity
  10. Lifetime Over 50,000 Hours
  11. Minimal Heat = Less watering, no thermal footprint and keeps your plants from burning
  12. Built-in Cooling Fans
  13. Great for the flowering/blooming of plant growth
  14. Perfect for Indoor Growing in any medium: Hydroponics, Aeroponics, or Soil
  15. Hanging Hardware for Easy Set up in Minutes!
  16. Covers a 5'x5' area during the flowering and 6.5'x6.5' area during vegging (Coverage area calculated with light 24 inches from plant)


Three Year Warranty
against manufacture defects.

UFO LED Grow Light Package Includes:

1x 225 watt Advance Spectrum LED Grow Light U.F.O. Kit

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Jeff Gray

I managed to add to my tent 21 days before harvest. Great results. Could see results in 5 days. Plants were beautiful some with purple sugar leaves. Bought more for new tent. Also bought here. Best built I’ve ever seen. 200% satisfied with both. Light floods tent.


What kind of power cord does this kit use I got a used light with no power cord


Order 1 then ordered another.these lights are amazing.Restored my faith in l.e.d lights so much i just ordered 1 360 watt and 1 450 watt advance spectrum panel.can't wait to see them at work.Great looking plants with lilttle heat and no light bill.Thanks GrowAce.

real talk

these are great! and yes they do produce heat, but not a gross amount and not to the point where if you touch it it feels very hot. great for veg and flower for all types of plants. grew some absurd stuff with these, don't be afraid to buy this. Wish they would send me free ones so i could show all of you how bad ass they can be from seed to flower. been working for months. hit me up grow ace and i will write more reviews and even start making videos reviewing your AWESOME products. :) stay happy and healthy y'all! HMU GROW ACE!!!!


I grow a decent amount of herbs, I personally have really had a good experience with this LED so far. Each of the different herbs have responded well to the LED, I also like the fact that I don't have to worry about sun spots anymore and since I can now grow in a much more controlled environment I have noticed that I don't deal with as many issues with silly insects that like to eat my plants! The LED is very efficient with the energy used to run it, I was expecting to have a huge jump on my electricity bill, however I did notice a slight increase, but not nearly to the extent I thought I would.

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