2x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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The bulb in system came damaged they replaced it right away. Easy setup that comes with a great video. The nutrients were easy to mix and the first plants I ever grew turned out great. Biggest problem I had was controlling the temp. No bugs no nutrient burn just a great harvest.

Mary Jane

I’m super excited because this is my first indoor grow tent. I was a bit hesitant when placing my order for the 2x4ft HID Hydro Complete indoor grow tent system since there were not really a ton of reviews that could guide me, but I should say that I’ve gotten a brilliant return for my investment. Installation was a breeze and was over in just 20 minutes. The detailed instructions that came along with the product made everything much easier and I was able to get it all up and ready despite being a newbie. Additionally, the fabric prune pots with auto pruning fabric material and 360 degree rotation made it much easier for me to keep my plants healthy. The price is great and the tent is super simple to set up, and I’m now the proud owner of my first indoor grow tent!

Gardening Guru

I’m a gardening fanatic, minus the sun burn and nasty cold weather. I love the great outdoors, but I can do without having to step out every day in extreme conditions. Getting my own 2x4ft HID Hydro Complete indoor grow tent system, though, has made my life much easier. The neat accessories that come along with it, such as the filter, exhaust fan and the grow light system are easy to use, set up, and helped me get the best out of my indoor garden. I can enjoy the beauty of my garden right within my home, plus I also get to protect myself from rough weather. I love the way my grow tent sits in my closet and even though it takes up some space, it is still well worth the investment. If you love gardening but don’t want to let rough weather deter you, this tent system is the perfect choice!

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