2x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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Rodger Goddard
2X4 grow tent

Good product for a good price. Would buy from this seller again, definitely!

Jason Bauer

This is just perfect! This has everything you could ever need to start growing indoors. The LED light is awesome, low power consumption with great light spectrum. The tent is made up of highly durable and reflective material which is great for your plants. Everything from the filters to the duct fans and other accessories are just amazing!

rob paullisky

First, this is a really good system. Two grows so far, and both very successful. I can highly recommend this system. The reasons I didn't give 5 stars are as follows. The 6 inch fan is over kill. It's extremely loud. A 4 inch fan would suffice. The other reason is the tent height. You really need to use plant training for tall plants. A minimum 6ft. height would be better.

rob paullisky

Two grows so far and both very successful. The reasons I didn't give 5 stars are as follows. First is the 6 inch fan. Six inches is overkill and the fan is extremely loud. Sounds like an industrial blower. A 4 inch fan much quieter would suffice. The other reason is tent height. Taller plants require much plant training. I would much prefer a minimum six feet high. Still a great system and can reccomend.


The package really did come with everything I needed to get started. Set up was easy. The S450 is actually a bit small for the 8sq ' or it would be 5 stars. I have added an S360 and now my lighting level rivals the industrial veg rooms. With the additional LED and an intake air filter the set up is really awesome. Been in service for 4 weeks and have 6 very healthy 7"" tall plants. Again I feel like this would be a great package for anyone that would like to get started growing indoors in coco.

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