3/16" x 100' Black Poly Tubing

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If you are looking for durable tubing for your greenhouse, the 3/16" x 100 'black poly tubing is a must-have option. Made from strong and durable vinyl, this tube is available in 100ft lengths. Its walls are thick and flexible, and you can choose between the 100% opaque black vinyl, which prevents the growth of algae, or the transparent vinyl and allows full visibility.

  • Strong and Durable: Premium black poly tubing is made from vinyl, making it strong and durable.
  • Withstands Any Temperature: Its solid construction helps stand up to weather, man, and the elements and will not weaken over time.
  • Thick and Flexible: The tube walls are thick and flexible, which helps you easily install them on rough terrain.
  • UV Stabilized: Black poly tubes are also UV and acid resistant, can withstand heat, direct sunlight, and harsh chemicals.

The 3/16" black poly tubing comes in a 100' roll, ideal for medium applications requiring short to medium tubing distance. Depending on your needs, you can install it above ground and covered with mulch to blend into the landscape or underground. This tube is ideal for a wide variety of plumbing, irrigation, and waste disposal applications.

The main advantage of using poly tubing in your greenhouse is that it is easily moldable, especially for tight spaces where there is simply no room for multiple pipe fittings, and it still provides durability and durability—incredible resistance. 

In addition to this, the flexible nylon tubes are carefully crafted from high-quality, abrasion-resistant, heat and light-stabilized nylon. As a result, the resistance to stress cracking exceeds that of standard nylon tubing. It is also UV and acid resistant, can withstand heat, direct sunlight, and harsh chemicals.

Chemical resistant nylon tubing has the added benefits of better flexibility, lighter weight, and resistance to bending fatigue. It is ideal for trees, vines, permanent row crops, greenhouses, and nurseries. 

These tubes are available in various sizes and lengths, perfect for use with air or water. It even can be used with riser lines or in underground, surface, and vine suspension applications. Whether you have a straight or curved construction, you can easily install this tube on any terrain.

Keep in mind; the poly tubing size can vary, with some having larger or smaller ID and OD, for example, ID 3/16"-OD 1/4" (Known as 1/4") ID 1/2" -OD 5/8" (Known as 1/2") ID 3/4" - OD 1" (Known as 3/4") and each size may display different flow characteristics.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-736100

  • Item: Tubing

  • Color: Black

  • Size: 3/16"

  • Roll Size:100'

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