3/16'' x 1000' Black Vinyl Tubing

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Are you looking for piping for your garden or farm? 1000 ft long black vinyl tubing will help you with your farming and gardening chores. Vinyl black tubing also stops the growth of algae. The inner dimension of this black tubing is 3/16” inch and the outer dimension is ¼” inch. You can easily carry this tubing anywhere as it is lightweight. 

  • Prevents Algae Growth: You will never face a problem of algae growth with black vinyl tubing. 
  • 3/16” Inner Dimension: The inner dimension of this black tubing is around 3/16”, which helps the tubing in bearing pressure.
  • 1000 ft long: This tubing is 1000 ft long so that you can provide water and nutrients to a large area in no time. 
  • Lightweight: Vinyl Black tubing is not at all heavy. You can carry it around easily from one corner to the other.

The Black Vinyl tubing is an ideal choice for all agriculturists and horticulturists. It is 1000 ft in length, helping in irrigating large areas quickly. In addition, you can use this tubing to transport water or nutrients to the plants.

The tubing has inner and outer diameters are 3/16” and ¼,” respectively. Thus, creating an easy passage for the ingredients to pass. As a result, you will not face any clogging or interruption while working with black vinyl tubing.

This tubing is lightweight and can be carried around easily. Black vinyl tubing comes in handy for various purposes like drainage-related operations, aquariums, etc. As the color of this vinyl tubing is black, it does not allow sunlight to penetrate it, preventing algae growth inside the tubing.

The Black vinyl tubing can also be used to fill in your backyard pond. This tubing is naturally fire and combustion-resistant, ensuring you remain safe from any mishappening. In addition, the whole tubing is odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic. These qualities are well-suited for using black vinyl tubing as a food grain hose. 

Working with this tubing is effortless due to its flexibility. Vinyl is used in making this tubing which does not rust or corrodes. In addition, the smooth exterior and interior of the tubing make sure that no sediment is built upon it. 

This tubing is quite popular because of its versatile nature. In monetary terms, black vinyl tubing is affordable. It is durable, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a new set every year. It can survive all kinds of temperatures, from hottest to coldest, without breaking or leaking. 


  • SKU/Model No. :  DL-736000

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