3/4"" Fill/Drain Fitting (10pcs/pck)

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Grow1 fill/drain fitting is a perfect choice for flood table irrigation set-ups and reservoirs. It is specially engineered to fulfill the feed and drain watering requirements. This poly-injection formed fitting transfers water and nutrient solution between the reservoir and the flood table effectively. One pack consists of ten pieces of fittings that are decently priced.

  • Threaded: Each fitting is threaded to ensure a safe hold.
  • Manufactured Using High-End Plastic: Grow1 fill/drain fitting is made of premium plastic. It makes it sturdy and durable.
  • No Assembly Needed: It is very easy to use and requires no assembly at all.
  • Increased Versatility: This fill/drain fitting is perfect for use in drip and aeroponic applications.

Ebb & Flow is a growing method that includes growing potted plants in an inert medium (not soil) within a grow tray. It helps you to grow fresh produce at home without consuming much energy. Ebb & Flow fittings incorporate three parts - screen fitting, fill/drain fitting, and extension fitting. 

This Grow1 Fill/Drain Fitting is built to meet the needs of feed and drain. It helps you connect the grow tray drain to the reservoir and the water pump to the grow tray for efficiently delivering nutrients and water. Depending on the total number of plants and contaminants you use in the system, you can re-use the same water for upto one week. 

In the ebb & flow system, the fill tube links to the submersible pump with a timer. Timer helps to control the water flow up into the tray. When the water level reaches the level of overflow fitting, it moves back to the reservoir via an overflow tube.

The Ebb & Flow fitting has a rugged plastic construction that is much heavier and thicker than competitors to ensure superior quality at the user’s end. So, this removes the risk of leakage. Interior thread accepts a ¾ inch standard pipe. 

Furthermore, this poly-injection formed fill/drain fitting is highly versatile because it is perfect for drip and ebb & flow systems. It is available in 1"" 3/4"" and 1/2"" sizes. This makes this fill/drain fitting ideal for standard tubings. If you need more Grow1 fill/drain fittings for your system, you can buy them separately.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-388075

  • Brand: Grow1

  • Number of Pieces in One Pack: 10

  • Case Quantity: 35

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Michael Jusko
Excellent Fittings

These are the only tray fittings I use. Never an issue. Growace always looks out.

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