3/4" x 50' Black Poly Tubing

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Are you looking for poly tubes that are perfect for use with air and water? The long ¾" black poly tubing comes in different lengths and a variety of sizes. You can choose the size and length of the tubing roll as per your project requirements. You can use them in plumbing, waste disposal, and irrigational applications.

  • Durable: The poly tubing is made with high-quality vinyl material to be harder than standard tubing. They are built to last longer in intense application processes. 
  • Safe: The poly-tubing is made with vinyl material that prevents the growth of algae and bacteria. Hence you can easily use it as a drinking water pipeline. The water will stay clean for as long as the pipe stays. 
  • Variants: It is available in 2 color variants, black and transparent. The black tubing is opaque, thus keeping the temperatures low and preventing algae growth. The transparent pipe allows complete visibility inside. 
  • Flexible: This product is ideal for use in tight and confined areas. It allows the installer to bend it smoothly on tight curves, still ensuring high efficiency. 

The ¾" X 50' black poly tubing is made with superior quality vinyl as an alternative to harmful plastic tubes. These are built to be used in irrigation as a sprinkler pipe, plumbing, and waste disposal management. These affordable pipes are available in different sizes and lengths.

The poly tubing is available in a roll of various lengths so that you can choose the length as per your project requirements. These tubes are thick and are made with chemical-resistant material. They are also resistant to marking and are non-conductive, thus ensuring safety. Furthermore, the poly tubing is silicon-free, so you can safely use it for watering the plants or in-house water management.

Users prefer this tubing because it is non-toxic and can even be sterilized using steam. Additionally, the tubes are highly flexible. Therefore, they are the best option to use in tight and bendy areas. If there are curves and bends between points A and B, you should go for this poly tubing. It allows the installer to bend and curve it in the tightest areas yet performs it efficiently best.

The vinyl used in making these tubes allows it to be flexible yet keep it hard enough not to crack and break when bent. Thus, it is durable and long-lasting, even in tight areas. It saves time and labor as you do not have to replace it again and again. Moreover, you can choose from the two-color variants where one is black that are opaque, and the other is clear vinyl which allows complete visibility, so you know if there is any bacterial or algae growth. Invest in the best poly tubing today! 


  • Model No./ SKU: DL-734050

  • Color: Black

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