3/4"" Y Filter + 120 Mesh Screen

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Y filter with 120 Mesh Screen filter is manufactured with stainless steel. It has a 40 to 200 mesh polyester screen designed to resist the most common chemicals and UV rays that help keep the water clean. Also, it is capable of enduring flow up to 18 GPM and a pressure up to 120 PSI. 

  • Long-Lasting Material: The irrigation filter used in the Y filter is made from high-performance plastic, 200 mesh (75 microns), and stainless steel. It is easily removable and gives maximum protection from UV oxidants.
  • Easy Maintenance: The Y filter unit typically has a Y shape design that combines filtration and 120 PSI pressure regulation in a single piece. So, it is easy to remove the screen from the filter to clean dirt by unscrewing the threaded cap.
  • Highly Efficient: As the filter operating pressure is up to 120 PSI, it is ideal for large irrigation zones that require a flow rate between 20 to 25. Moreover, it is suitable for agricultural irrigation, greenhouse irrigation, etc. 
  • Enclosed O-Ring: O-Ring is a mechanical seal in the shape of a torus, also known as a toric or packing joint. It helps form a secure seal between filter, cover, and interface and prevents leakage.

3/4" Y Filter comes with an efficient plastic removable 120 Mesh screen that is easy to pull out and clean. Plus, the outer build is made of stainless steel, which is durable and prevents rusting. 

As Y-shaped filters have enough filtration area, they won't get clogged by small particles. These filters are designed to function at high operating pressure (up to 120 PSI) and endure temperatures up to 130 °F (54 °C). It makes it ideal for greenhouse irrigation, garden irrigation systems, and agricultural irrigation. 

Y filter is considered an all-purpose filter with polyester and 40-200 mesh stainless screen. It easily fits a wide range of filtration requirements and provides high performance. Although the filter works on the nominal flow rate (20 GMP), it also handles high rate flow easily. 

The Y filter is equipped with a removable Cartridge that measures - 5.9" in length and 1.9" in diameter, which is again easy to remove, wash and fix. Tools like – Polypropylene are used as a pressure testing port, which measures real-time pressure and records reliable readings. Moreover, the Y filter comes with colored replacement screens for easy identification.

Plus, it has O-Rings that create a secure seal and ensure enclosed joints between filter and cover. This helps prevent leakage and creates a solid passage for high water pressure. While the filter has a large filtration area with low friction loss, it allows long intervals between another cleaning. It means you are not required to conduct cleaning sessions frequently. 


  • SKU/model: DL-250101

  • Operating Pressure: 120 PSI (i.e. 8.4 BAR) 

  • Primary Material: Plastic

  • Other Material: Polyester screen (40 to 200) and stainless steel 

  • Temperature Range: up to 130 °Fah (i.e. 54 °Cel) 

  • Pressure Testing Port: Polypropylene 

  • Pressure Testing Seals: Natural rubber BR 

  • Flow Rate: up to 25 GPM (4m/3h) 

  • Nominal Flow Rate: 20 GMP

  • Inlet Size: 3/4’’ FHT x MHT

  • Outlet Size: 3/4’’ or 1’’ MPT 

  • Screen: 120 Mesh 

  • Filtration Micron Size: 130 microns 

  • Cartridge Length: 5.9’’ (150mm) 

  • Cartridge Diameter: 1.9’’ (48mm)

  • Filtration Surface Area: 18.6 in²

  • Filtration Type: Nylon screen 

  • Filtration Flush Type: Manual 

  • Primary: 3/4 (.75) in.

  • O-ring: EPDMc

  • Housing: Polypropylene

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