3.75"" Neoprene Insert (sold 60pc per pack)

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A neoprene insert keeps the plant cutting in the hydroponic system stable and upright while building a powerful root system. Each collar fits snugly into the net pots. It comes with a slit in the neoprene foam where the grower can insert the soft cutting carefully without worrying about damage to the fragile tissues.

  • Non-Toxic: Each cloning collar is made using 100% neoprene foam. It emits no bad odor and is BFA-free.
  • Holds No Water: Neoprene inserts are pH neutral and holds no water. It makes the plants disease and mold-free while preventing the risk of stem rot.
  • Centered Hole Cut: The inserts come with a small hole in the center. It helps to hold small cuttings securely without damaging them.
  • Pre-Slit: The collars are pre-slit for quick insertion of plant cuttings.

Neoprene Inserts (also known as cloning collars) are small discs made using neoprene. They hold and protect small delicate plant cuttings upright that are hydroponically grown. Thus, they help to increase plant production with minimal effort.

They are preferred over the plastic inserts because they allow the cutting to be fully restricted inside of the misting chamber while exposing the top leaves to light and air. The neoprene inserts are best for hydroponic, aquaponic, or organic growers. 

These collars remove the need to use the growing medium because they offer the same support to the cutting that the soil or other substrate offers. In addition, these neoprene inserts are specially engineered for use with cloning machines or DIY cloners.

After the cutting has significant root growth, you can remove the insert and easily move the cutting into the primary grow system. These neoprene inserts are made from sterile material – neoprene foam.

High-quality neoprene is soft to the touch and soft on the plant cuttings. Each collar is also sterile, non-toxic, and pH neutral. The package consists of 60 inserts, and each black insert is 0.5” thick.

State-of-the-art spoke design puts minimal pressure on the small plant cuttings and holds plenty of cuttings in one collar. These neoprene inserts also do not hold water. So, there will be no risk of bad bacteria, algae or mold growth, stem rotting, or plant diseases.

Each insert fits inside the net cups perfectly to support plants. It comes with a small hole in the center for securely holding the plant cuttings without damaging the soft tissues.


  • SKU/Model No: DL-171375

  • Color: Black

  • Material: Neoprene

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale

  • Total Items Per Pack: 60

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