3.75 inch Mesh Pot

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The 3.75-inch mesh net pot is made with heavy plastic and is ideal for agricultural applications, hydroponic systems, etc. It supports various growing systems like ebb and flow systems, drip systems, aeroponic systems, and much more. The small mesh pot is durable, strong, and sold in packing of 48 units.

  • Heavy-Duty Plastic: The mesh pot is made with durable, strong plastic that makes it heavy-duty and thicker than other pots available for purchase.
  • Wide Rim: The mesh pots have a wider rim that offers better support than similar products.
  • Small Mesh: Compared to other pots, this product has a smaller mesh that makes it ideal to use with almost every kind of grow media. 
  • Easy to Use: It is really easy and simple to use the mesh pot. It comes ready to use, and you don’t need to spend effort on assembling or installing it. 

The 3.75-inch mesh pot works with a range of growing systems like aeroponic systems, drip systems, hydroponic systems, soil-based clay pebbles, vermiculite, Rockwool, lava rocks, etc. The pot is perfect for orchids, but an open mesh and a wider rim offer effective aeration to the roots and even drainage for healthy roots and plants. Grow the plants you want to use your preferred growing system along with this mesh pot. 

The packages consist of 48 pots. As the pots are made with heavy, hard plastic, they have a long life. They also don’t need to be replaced or repaired soon. The plastic is UV-resistant and non-toxic. The bottom area of the mesh cup has various holes that allow the roots to grow through the sides of the pot or right down it. It promotes healthier, bigger, and strong roots in no time. 

As the mesh pots are UV-resistant, they are ideal to use in all weather conditions. Just clean the pot properly, and it will work from one season to the next without causing issues. The mesh pots’ design provides great airflow to the roots and is reusable. You don’t need to spend money on new pots soon once you purchase this pack of mesh pots. 

Furthermore, the mesh pots are really cost-effective and can grow orchids, clay-growing pebbles, coconut chips, granulated Rockwool, grow cubes, peppers, tomatoes, herbs, and much more. The pack has 48 pieces of mesh pots, each one in a 3.75-inch size. Invest in mesh net pots today!


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-907837

  • Size: 3.75 inch

  • Material: Plastic

  • Noof Pots: 48

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I just these net pots. They are just the right size.

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