3/8"" Rubber Circle Grommet (25 PIECES PER PACK)

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The rubber grommet is built to last and is strong. It is available in Donut and Top Hat styles. This donut-shaped grommet is perfect for your irrigation and hydroponic needs. It creates a leak-free and secure connection between plumbing and various pieces of hydroponic equipment. The grommet comes 25 pieces per pack.

  • Leak-Free Seal:  It has a leak-free seal that allows the seamless transfer of nutrient solution or water from one reservoir to another using tubing, barbed fitting, or piping.
  • Long-Lasting: This strong rubber circle grommet is durable. So, replace your old worn-out grommet in your hydroponic system with it.
  • Flexible: Each rubber grommet is more flexible. So, you do not screw the pieces into their place.
  • Commercial-Grade: These grommets are built to be tear and abrasion-resistant. 

3/8"" Rubber Circle Grommet allows the growers to securely connect tubing or barbed fitting to reservoirs, trays, etc. It is ideal for aquaponic systems, hydroponic systems, dripping systems, and irrigation systems. 

Each durable grommet is used to create your own DIY set-up or replace worn-out grommet in your existing hydroponic system. The inside diameter of each grommet is 3/8”. The rubber grommets are weather-resistant. They will not easily crack or tear. It offers them a long shelf-life as compared to other rubber grommets available on the market.

Moreover, these rubber grommets easily snap into the pre-drilled holes and have water and air-tight seals. This reduces the possibility of seepage or nutrient seepage at the connection points. These rubber grommets come with a straight sidewall that ensures easy installation. They are also easy to use. Simply drill the right size hole on the reservoir and insert the grommet in. 

After that, insert the connectors or the pipe. Make sure the groove of the grommet is securely inserted into the hole. These grommets are also very simple to replace when required. They also have high heat resistance.

If you have any issue with the connection, use oil or soap on the barbed tee, barbed straight, barbed Y connector, barbed elbow, or PVC pipe to easily slide via the drilled hole on the tank.

3/8"" Rubber Circle Grommet has no rough edges. Therefore, it shields the cord, hose, wire, etc. well. Each grommet is also durable. So, it handles extreme weather conditions or temperatures well.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-602038

  • Weight: 0.1 lbs

  • Dimensions:  4 × 6 × 2 inches

  • Fitting Size: 3/8 inches

  • Manufacturer: DL Wholesale Inc

  • Material: Rubber

  • Color: Black

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