Gorilla Grow Tent 3' x 3'

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Gorilla grow tents have developed a well-deserved reputation for durability, strength and intelligent design, with a range of grow tents now available to suit various sizes and budgets. This is in keeping with their company motto “to supply every grower with the most innovative and ideal indoor growing environment.” The Gorilla 36 Inch x 36 Inch Grow Tent (3’ x 3’) is an integral part of this range, offering growers an indoor growth environment that is small, yet dependable, and that has great properties for supporting cultivation

One of the highlight features of the Gorilla grow tent is the superior fabric that is used. Most grow tents will use some type of canvas as the tent exterior, with an inner lining that is reflective (to encourage light penetration through the plant canopy). The trouble is that many grow tents use an outer material with a low denier thickness (also known as the fabric density and represented by the letter ‘D’). Grow tents with a low density are thinner, more prone to snagging and tearing and have lower insulation properties. Many grow tents may have fabrics of only 200D-600D, but the Gorilla grow tents use a specialized 1680D fabric, the thickest currently available for grow tents. This ensures that Gorilla grow tents will be hard-wearing, well insulated and less likely to catch or tear.

In addition to the thicker fabric, Gorilla grow tents are also height adjustable, with 1’ and 2’ extension kits available separately. These kits allow growers to move the ceiling height of the tent up or down in order to suit the specific plant species and size, in addition to allowing for greater customization with grow light systems.

The Gorilla grow tent comes standard with ‘EZ View’ windows for monitoring plant growth, as well as 360-degree zippers which make it easier to enter the grow tent when necessary. These zippers are heavy duty industrial strength (no cheap plastic here!) making them longer lasting and easier to maneuver. A sturdy flood pool at the base will protect the surrounding room from any water that might otherwise escape from the grow tent, while the infrared blocking roof will minimize surface temperatures.

  • Great properties for supporting indoor cultivation.
  • Specialized 1680D fabric, the thickest currently available for grow tents.
  • ‘EZ View’ windows for monitoring plant growth.
  • 360-degree zippers which make it easier to enter the grow tent when necessary.
  • Infrared blocking roof will minimize surface temperatures.


  • Dimensions: 3’ x 3’ x 6’ 11”

  • Height w/ Extension Kit:7’ 11”

  • Height w/ 2’ Extension Kit: 8’ 11”

  • ShippingWeight: 39.6 lbs.

  • CanvasDensity: 1680D

  • PoleDiameter: 19mm

  • DoorQuantity: 1

  • DuctingPortQuantity: 6 (11" Double Cinching)

  • ElectricalPortQuantity: 2 (3")

  • PackageDimensions: 41.8L x 15.0”W x 5.2”H

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paul dewasme
Awesome product

These tents are more expensive but you get what you pay for, very impressive product from zipper quality to wall thickness.

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