4 inch Duct Muffler

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Duct Muffler is the most effective solution to airflow-related noise. It is specially designed with wave crest polyurethane sound-absorbing foam to reduce the noise made by the air duct equipment like fans, AHUs, etc., to 50%. 

This duct silencer also has quick installation into the Duct. Thanks to the extended collar and lip. It is also free of maintenance. Duct Muffler has a wide variety of uses like office buildings, hospitals, grow rooms, hotels, and other places where a silent environment is required. 

The lightweight design lets you move the duct muffler from one place to another without any hassle. It has galvanized manufacturing that resists corrosion and ensures long life.


  • Two 4" flanged ends.

  • The 4-inch duct muffler is portable and lightweight.

  • Safe and effective operation.

  • Easy to install and maintenance-free.

  • High-quality corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet construction.

  • Wave crest polyurethane sponge can offer excellent sound and vibration absorption.

  • This high-performance sound-absorbing foam lining can reduce 50% noise!

  • If the noise of your fan/blower is 50db, our muffler can reduce it to 25db.

  • Moisture resistant - great for use in a damp environment.

  • Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up.

  • The airtight sealing tape is included.

What Does the Package Include?

  • Airtight sealing tape


  • SKU/ Model: DL-760004

  • Flange Size:  4"

  • Fit for Fans/Blowers: 4" Flange

  • Surface Material: Durable Galvanized Sheet

  • Sound Absorbing Foam: Wave Crest Polyurethane Sponge

  • Fusion Point of Foam: 250 degrees centigrade

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