4' Steel Stake Plant Support - Green 20-pack - 7/16'' THICK

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Secure your long-stemmed plants upright during rainy or windy days with 4' Steel Stake Plant Support so that you can enjoy them all seasons. The package consists of 20 stakes that offer the needed support to the plants to ensure they do not break or fall. They are ideal to use for vineyards, nurseries, gardens, etc.

  • Keep Garden Plants Healthy: Plant stakes keep fruits and flowers off the ground level to ensure they receive the nutrients they require to grow healthy.
  • Easy installation: One sharp end lets you quickly insert it deep into the ground to hold your plants upright. You can even cut to any length as per your needs. 
  • Plastic Steel Combo: Plastic steel build makes the stakes robust, lightweight, and durable. The green plastic coating offers excellent UV and chemical resistance while preventing rusting.
  • Support Large and Bushier Plants: These plant support stakes are ideal for plants such as peppers, pole beans, raspberries, cucumbers, peas, etc.

Plants with heavy flowered or tall stems are more prone to falling over after heavy rains or wind. Once they are broken or bent, it is tough to keep them upright. 4' Steel Stake Plant Support is thick enough to provide the necessary support to your taller and bushier plants to keep them healthy.

These stakes are manufactured with a steel pipe for sturdiness and strength and plastic coating for rust and weather protection. The green color coating easily blends well with your foliage and does not come off on the hand when it's wet.

You can adjust the stake as the plant grows. These support stakes are also easy to use. You do not need too much effort or any tool to set them up. Just insert the stake into the ground behind the plant. Then, tie the plant with the stake two-third of the way up the stem.

You can use one stake to connect multiple stems. However, avoid tying your plants too tightly with the stake. They are available in the lengths of 2', 3', 4', 5', and 6’, and the entire package contains 20 stakes.

This innovative plant support product is ideal for building your trellis with twine or zip ties in the raised garden bed. These stakes are also an excellent replacement for wood or bamboo stakes because of their long-life cycle. 

They are very easy to store after dismantling. Invest in 4' Steel Stake Plant Support today and provide sturdy protection to your plants in all weathers.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-833004

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