4' x 100' 7mil on Black Mylar

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The highly reliable black mylar has been designed for delivering optimum light to the plants with its 98% reflective power. The thick sheet measures 7mil, which ensures strength and makes it tear-resistant. With the installation of the black mylar, there won't be any heat spots, so exposing plants to light in the presence of black mylar won't leave you stressed.

  • Tear Resistant: The 7mil thick black mylar is tear-resistant, so you can stay rest assured for your investment.

  • Reduces Hotspots: The Black mylar helps spread light uniformly, so they do not burn upon exposure.

  • High-Reflectivity: The 7mil can reflect almost 98% light and disperses it, so it spreads out evenly.

  • Install it Anywhere: The black mylar can be mounted to poles, walls, and pots, so the installation is quick and can be done anywhere.

The highly efficient mylar sheet has been designed for horticulture purposes, so it dissipates light, so all the plants receive it evenly. The sheet measures 7mil in thickness and comes coated with a black PE, which adds strength to the mylar, making it more reliable.

There will be no loss of light with the reflective mylar, and you can typically attach it to any surface to receive light and disperse it uniformly. The mylar sheet is highly preferred because it can be mounted on the walls, pots, poles.

It is highly reflective, and you can use either side of the sheet. Its thickness is double compared to any reflective sheet available in the market. With 98% reflectivity, your plants receive optimum returns. Also, with the light-blocking properties, it becomes all the way more efficient. The black mylar reduces hotspots as it helps spread light evenly.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-212100

  • 98% reflective

  • Optimum light return for your plants

  • Excellent light blocking capabilities

  • One side black, the other side reflective material

  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly

  • Tear Resistant

Customer Reviews

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Greig Massey

7 mil it’s tough and bright. It’s gonna be as bright as “Summer”across the road from my house soon.

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