4' x 100' 7mil on white Mylar

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The white mylar is 7mil thick and comes with a black PE film which adds strength to the sheet. The product is thick and does not easily tear up, unlike the other sheets available in the market. Chances of hotspots and plant damage decrease with the even distribution of light. Get creative and hang the white mylar to poles, posts, and walls.

  • Tear Resistant: The thickness of the sheet ensures durability, even light distribution, and makes the sheet resistant to wear and tear.

  • Install it at Different Locations: You can mount the white mylar on walls, poles, and pots, allowing light to reflect and reach the maximum number of plants.

  • No Hotspots: It won't create any hotspots when the light isn't concentrated upon a particular plant; instead, it gets distributed evenly.

  • Light Blocking Properties: Light cannot travel past it with excellent reflective properties.

The light emitted by the mylar does not help lose light and ensures maximum efficiency. The 7mil thick mylar has a black PE film to add strength, thus making it tear-resistant.

The mylar sheet can be attached to all kinds of surfaces for uniform light distribution. The 98% reflectivity will bounce light back and won't let anything pass through it. With the mylar sheet, you can expect plants to receive optimum light for your plants. One side of the sheet is black, while the other is highly reflective, making it a dependable sheet.

The mylar sheet does not leave any hotspots as it spreads light evenly. The thickness of the sheet makes it resistant to tear, making it long-lasting. The sheet can be installed in multiple places like poles, pots, and walls. You can attach the mylar to any place for maximum effectiveness.


  • SKU/Model No: 311100

  • 98% reflective

  • Optimum light return for your plants

  • Excellent light blocking capabilities

  • One side white, the other side reflective material

  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly

  • Tear Resistant

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