4' x 50' 2mil on White MYLAR

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With the white mylar, you do not fear losing any light as the foil is highly reflective. The foil spreads light to a wide area for maximum efficiency. It is 2mil thick and comes backed with a PE filming which adds to its overall strength. The durability of the sheet increases with the filming. So, it won’t tear easily, ensuring durability.

To allow even out the spread of light, the mylar sheet can be attached to various surfaces. You can hang, glue, stitch the white mylar for uniformity. There are ample creative ways to hang the sheet to walls, poles, and pots.

One side of the sheet is reflective, while the other is colored white. Its 98% reflectivity is what makes it highly efficient. You can expect optimum reflection with the foil. Not only high-reflectivity, but the white mylar also possesses some great light blocking capabilities.

Unlike the other reflective equipment available in the market, this possesses twice the thickness, making it tearproof. Reflective sheet spreads light and minimizes the chances of hotspots, so you never have to fear getting your plants burnt.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-112050

  • 98% reflective

  • Optimum light return for your plants

  • Excellent light blocking capabilities

  • One side white, the other side reflective material

  • Reduces "hotspots" by spreading your light evenly

  • Tear Resistant

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