4x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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Liam Tovar

Everything you need to start an indoor hyro tent setup. I love how everything is packaged into this kit and priced really well. Very easy to set up as well, most likely in 20 minutes you'll be done. I'm blown away how good this is.

Joe Frederick

Just an amazing product again from GrowAce! Ample tent size for beginners like me which comes with everything you will ever need to start growing. The video tutorials in their youtube channel was great too. I can't wait to see how my plants will look like in the next few months. We'll see!

Elise H

I love how GrowAce makes it easy for anyone to start an indoor grow setup. This kit comes with every single thing that you need to start growing your plants indoors. Customer service was very knowledgeable and helpful too. For me, this is the best online store for your gardening needs!


I am a frugal person and like living that way, and should say the 4x4ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system is as frugal as me! When I came across it online I couldn‚Äôt believe its pricing. I have tried many indoor grow care tents in the past and this one certainly beats all of them for its quality and more importantly pricing. Very easy installation‚Ķmy record time of 14 minutes and all the needed tools are already in the package. The company knows the intricacies of gardening and have put a lot of thought to the grow tent‚Äôs design. I am super happy mainly because I saved some money and got a good deal out of this!


All gardeners out there will relate to me when I say that I hate having a garden outdoors especially when the sun is at its prime. I’ve lost a lot of my plants and time and energy to tackle this problem. But man has a solution to everything right! Indoor gardening! Who would have thought about it? I purchased the 4x4ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system recently and it’s the perfect solution to all my gardening problems. Yes I had to give up some space in my house for my plants but it is worth it and my plants love it. I’m not sure how much it should be priced but its way cheaper than the other methods that I have tried. So my final word is – YES!! And the amazing tools and accessories that come with it are perfect for my gardening needs. I especially found the testing and control meters helpful since I was able to plan and watch over my yield much better.

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