4x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Awesome product‚Äôs combined to make a great setup to start out. Everything was quality and as described. Thanks‚úåÔ?è


I went with GrowAce specifically because of the customer service reviews. People could not say enough great things about them. They forgot the most important part of the kit (in my opinion) which is the DVD. I’ve assembled, arranged, and began growing using nothing but YouTube and Google. I’ve asked about it and the last time I was told it was sent out and to allow a few days for it to arrive, almost 3 weeks later and still no DVD. The kit itself has been amazing.

Allen Kezer

Very well designed package. Comes with everything I needed to get started. I would highly recommend GrowAce and will continue purchasing from them for the items I'm needing.Delivery: Quick delivery and well documented with tracking numbers. Packing upon arrival was intact. Every item was accounted for and in great condition.Kit: Very pleased with the completeness of this kit. Structure, fans, lights, pots, dirt, nutrients, etc...everything you need (except the plants). I can't say enough about the quality. Everything was higher quality than I was expecting. The tent is constructed of strong materials and the zippers are very robust. Everything else is working out fine in my 1st Grow.Customer Service: The people at GrowAce have been very attentive to my questions and when I placed a 2nd order for some pruning items, one item wasn't shipped. When I notified them of the omission, they shipped it out immediately and I had it in less than 2 days.Their included videos has enough information and has been very helpful to guide me through this 1st grow.Cons: For what I was expecting in this package, I have absolutely no complaints at all and have recommended GrowAce to others.Overall: You sort of think that I could come up with something wrong in this package for the price...I can't. I'll be a long-time customer. Waiting for the ""Pro Series Complete Clone and Rooting Package"" to go on sale!


Shipping was quick and efficient. Installing was easy. All has been as expected. Would highy recommend Grow Ace.

jerry malonson

the tent is very easy to put together and strong very well thought out package only thing that disappointed me was that when i ordered this less than 2 days later there was a sale that was not mentioned on site anywhere. It was still worth the original price, the DVD is AWESOME, I'm a new grower and just followed along and i finished my first grow with DENSE nugs. My friends that have been growing for 5 years+ were impressed and asked me for a copy of the DVD =P

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