4x4ft LED Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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It's a great system! The price is unbeatable, and there is no lack in quality. The only reason I give it 4 stars is not because of the items themselves, but the time it took for everything to get to the house(over a month). There are so many points I could make about this that make it a top notch buy, but I won't make this too lengthy. All I'm going to say is it's worth the wait! And if you're thinking about getting a hydro led setup I highly recommend this package.GROWACE RESPONSE: Kyle, thank you for your honest and thorough review of the grow tent system. We do apologize for the delay in delivery of some of the items. We were overwhelmed by the response of this product when we first introduced it and we quickly went on backorder of some items in this package. We've learned from this experience and are now fully stocked of all items in this package. We no longer anticipate going on backorder of any of them items and all orders are being shipped within 24 hours! Thank you again for your feedback and patience!


This winter I wanted to experiment on growing summer fruits and herbs that are usually not possible in this extreme weather condition. So I started doing some research online and came across the 4x4ft LED Hydro complete indoor grow tent system. The company claimed a lot of things which looked promising so I ordered one for myself, and have been using it for some time now. Its ability to control the climate condition and lighting with the tent is so amazing, and I especially loved the results obtained by using the Advance Spectrum MAX S540 LED Grow Panel. This technology has backed up the claims it made! One winter later, I now enjoy my delicious summer fruits even in the winter. Kind of creepy and unusual but it is true!


When I buy products online I look for the right blend of design and functionality. The 4x4ft LED Hydro complete indoor grow tent system somewhat comes close to my expectations. It definitely brought a smile to my face! The design is awesome with the perfect openings for additional fittings, some of which come with the tent and some which can be opted for separately. It has the appropriate amount of vent holes and sturdy zippers to keep the environment just perfect for optimum plant growth. Also, I can access the interiors without disturbing the eco-zone created inside the tent. I’d recommend this product any day for its power packed features and easy to use accessories! Even if it was expensive, I would go for it. So the pricing was kind of a nudge off the cliff that pushed me to go for this product.

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