4x4ft LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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Robert Marrs

Great products. Can't believe how complete this package is. Tent is made of tough material and heavy duty zippers this is going to last a long time. Would recommend using a fluorescent to get things started. The leds all worked perfect just a little too much for seedlings.


Got my tent fully up and running.. They weren't kidding when they say complete everything you need to get that first crop up and running.. Customer service has been great knowing that they have stood behind there products.. Even tho they some pieces were slow to come.. I got the Secret Jardin tent with mine really impressed plenty of ports for multiply supply & exhaust ports.. Double seals on all them for little to no light escape or incoming. Zippers seem durable some stitching might be suspect after repeated wear.. really impressed


No one likes customer service calls. They are all about their products and the different offers that they have, it is kind of irritating. BUT, after I received my 4x4ft LED soil complete indoor grow tent system, I was amazed at the customer service of this company. They did call me but not to offer plans and offers but to know whether I‚Äôm happy with the product and if there is any way they can HELP me further. I was waiting for the next line that is OFFERS but it never came. WOW‚Ķwho does that!?! +1 only for their customer service and of course the product. And of course, I must say that the grow tent itself is amazing. The internal clip fans, especially helped with airflow and my plants are simply blooming!

Melissa Kirkner

Haha just got my product 5 days later thank you growace very nice setup!!!!


I honestly cannot believe some of the reviews that I've read on this website! I've delt with the Growace customer svc. team not once, but on several different occasions. And on all instances they were GREAT! But, anyways...this a great grow package! I was able to customize my grow package with the help of Amanda (a great customer svc. agent)! She inform me that I can make changes/upgrade-s to my package. And, so I did. The price the gave me for my customize complete grow package was unbelievable, along with their strive to please all in all great experience! Unfortunately I have only one problem...the rating system they have on this website. Good is not enough! Excellent should be the limit! Not to sound corny. But these guys are GREAT! They have a customer for life!

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