4x5ft Complete Perpetual HID Hydro Indoor Grow Tent System


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Yields Up To 6 Plants

4ft x 5ft Grow Tent is the perfect size for up to 6 plants plus clones.

100% Complete Package

The only system that comes with everything you need

Easy To Set Up

Included grow guide e-book & DVD makes growing simple

4x5ft Complete Perpetual HID Hydro Indoor Grow Tent System

Whether you are an experienced grower or a newbie, this 60” x 48” x 80” 2-in-1 Full Cycle HID Hydroponic Package will have you growing a healthy garden of fruits, veggies, and flowers from the comfort of your own home in no time. This package has every tool you need and more for your own indoor hydroponic growth system!

Grow Tent: Yield Lab 60” x 48” x 80” 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Grow Tent

Not only does this tent have a flexible configuration that will fit any room in your home, this 2-in-1 Full Cycle Reflective Grow Tent also has two rooms that allow you to grow mature plants on one side and clones on the other.

With frame made of Sturdy Metal Rods with Metal Corner Connectors capable of holding up to 176lbs of equipment, you’ll be able to hang everything you need to get the harvest you want. No to mention the Heavy Duty 210D Oxford Cloth cover that’s durable, light proof, and keeps your grow room insulated to optimize growing conditions.

Its 100% Highly Reflective Water-Proof Mylar inner lining gives your plant 360 degrees of light coverage onto your entire garden in both rooms. And all of that For airflow, you can rely on the seven duct ports and two ventilation screens.

Grow Light: Yield Lab 400w HPS Air Cool Tube Grow Light Kit

The 6” Yield Lab Air Cooled Tube Reflector isn't just long-lasting, it's also highlighly reflective. It has 6’’ air duct ports that ensure streamlined and efficient airflow to cool your light, helping it last longer than lights that don't get the chance to cool down while running. The galvanized steel with white powder coating structure give this reflector 90% Reflectivity which means your plants will be receiving intense and evenly distributed lighting throughout their growth.
The Yield Lab 400W Digital Dimmable Ballast boasts a dimmer function that reduces energy output from 100% to 75% to 50% and back again. This can be adjusted to the specific plant species being grown, which in turn slightly adjusts the temperature of your grow room when needed.

Other features include:
- Open and short circuit protection
- Ignition failure and overheat protection
- Working Voltage Range: 110V/220V (220V wire not included)
- Specified Frequency: 50/60Hz
- Although used indoors, the Yield Lab 400W High Pressure Sodium (HPS) Bulb mimic the
wavelengths of light coming from the sun during the fall. It provides 24,000 hours of light
that diffuses the exact electromagnetic spectrum best for photosynthesis.

Cloning and Propagation:

When it's time to start a new grow, we give you everything you need to take clones from your existing plants and get them started. In fact, this package includes four complete seed and rooting packages that each include:
2 x 22 Watt Blue Red LED Grow Light Panels that provide quad-band light to seeds, seedlings, and clones that promotes leaf and branch growth.
7" Propagation Domes and 10x20.75" Trays help give your clones and seedlings the environment they need to thrive.
EZ-Clone Rooting Compound is antibacterial and helps stimulate root growth from clones, it also increases the metabolism of all your plants - both young and mature - to grow tons of roots.
Root Radiance Heat Mats give your clones and seedlings the temperature they need at the root level for vigorous growth.
10 piece box set of Gro1 Scalpels for taking cuttings if your favorite plant.

Hydroponic System: AirCube Active Oxygen Ebb and Flow Grow System - 6 Site

Automation? Check. Easy to operate? Check. The AirCube Active Oxygen Ebb and Flow Grow System is a hydroponic setup that has completely revolutionized the way people choose to grow indoors. The 4' by 4' grow tent system is accompanied by the 6 bucket system to maximize the space but more importantly, to give you a true sense of control.
Hold your nutrient-enriched water in a 60 gallon reservoir tank. This tank is collapsible when not in use and easy to move and store when needed.
Allow more oxygen to the roots of your plants + great draining features with the aerated fabric grow pots that sit deep inside the durable green buckets.
Water your plant without ever needing to pick up a watering cantine. The controller module (aka 'brain bucket') lets you control when your plants need to be watered.
We recommend once a day during the early stages of growth (1-3 weeks) and then twice a day once it becomes larger.

Grow Medium: Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix 50L

Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix is a blend of Coco and Perlite is a perfect mix for your garden!
Consisting of aged and washed coco and blended with 30% perlite, this medium gives you optimal absorption and drainage.
No more mixing your medium on the floor and making a mess, just fill and grow.
The coco coir consists of 45% cellulose material (which prevents compacting/decomposing) and the perlite adds extra room for your roots to go wild.
The perlite also helps salts make their way to the bottom of the pot and out of your medium!

Odor + Heat Removal: Yield Lab Fan and Filter Combo

The aerodynamic and high power 6 Inch 440 CFM Air Duct Fan Vent System with Built-In Fan Speed Controller is designed to clean up all the stale air in your grow room while keeping airflow consistent throughout your garden.

Paired with the 6 Inch Purifier Activated Charcoal Filter and connected with 6 inch x 16.5 foot Insulated Foil Ducting Ventilation, this airflow system will also help with odor elimination.

Nutrients: Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit and Lotus Nutrients Pro Series CAL/MAG

Simplify your indoor grow experience using Lotus Nutrients Sample Starter Kit. It includes three products – Pro Series Boost, Grow, and Bloom Nutrients. The kit comes with everything you require to grow successfully and boost yield. It is built to provide explosive plant growth throughout the grow cycle.

Lotus Pro Series Cal/Mag is a premium source of the two most readily absorbed secondary nutrients, integral for balanced and healthy growth, essential for coco based grows. Its ideal blend will prevent calcium/magnesium lockout in your grow. It will also double as a great foliar spray or root zone application.

Feeding, pH adjusters, and pH + PPM testers

- Feeding schedule comes included for both hydroponic and soil grows.
- A combo kit for both X Nutrients pH Up and pH Down help to adjust and monitor the
amount and levels of pH.
- The Prestige PPM Meter and Prestige pH Meter included with this package are easy to
read, simple to use, and can compensate for changes in temperature to always give you
the right pH level and PPM readings for your plants.
- An Xacto Shot Glass is included to measuring out your nutrients in Ounces, Milliliters,
Teaspoons, and Tablespoons.

All Other Components

In addition to all the other helpful tools described above, this system comes with these useful accessories:
- 1/8 Inch Hanging Ratchet Light Hangers will let you hang grow lights, high output fans,
and filters inside your tent with ease.
- Soft Mesh Trellis Netting to cover your plants so they can expand their canopy,
optimizing the amount of light they receive.
- Gro1 Scalpels come in handy for taking clones from your favorite plants.
- Thermo-Hygrometers measure the humidity and temperature of your clone room and
flowering area to assure your plants have an optimum growing environment.

Grow Kit Includes

1 x Yield Lab 4’ x 5’ Grow Tent
1 x Yield Lab 6” Air Cooled Tube Reflector
1 x Yield Lab 400W Digital Dimming Ballast
1 x Yield Lab 400W HPS Light Bulb
2 x Super Blue LED Grow Light
1 x Yield Lab 6” 440CFM High Output Fan
1 x Yield Lab 6” Carbon Air Filter
2 x 6”x8’ Insulated Foil Ducting
1 x Root Royale Coco/Perlite Mix
1 x Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit
1 x Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Cal/Mag
1 x AirCube Advanced Brain Controller
1 x AirCube Active Oxygen 6 Site Grow Cube
1 x AirCube Collapsible Reservoir
4 x Yield Lab 10”x20.75” Propagation Tray
4 x Yield Lab 7” Propagation Dome
4 x Yield Lab 10”x20.75” Seed and Clone Heat Mat
4 x Speedy Root 50 Cell Starter Tray
1 x Lotus Nutrients Starter Kit
1 x Lotus Nutrients Pro Series Cal/Mag
1 x MX-Clone Rooting Compound
1 x 120V 8-Way Power Strip With Timer
10 x Grow1 Scalpel
2 x Clip-on Fan
1 x PH Meter
1 x PPM Meter
1 x Xacto Shot Glass
1 x X Nutrients pH Up
1 x X Nutrients pH Down
2 x Hygrometer
2 x 24 Hour Programmable Electric Timer
3 x Adjustable Light Hangar
1 x Trellis Netting
**Humboldt Roots No Longer In Kit

Complete Digital Installation & 12 Week Grow Guide:

The GrowAce Complete Grow Tent Systems are a colossal grow package and guide.

It comes with a 12 week video guide that shows you step by step on how to grow indoors successfully, installation manuals, and a cost-effective indoor grow system tailored to your grow style.

We provide all the information you will ever need to grow seasonal gardens all year long or crops. The information in this system offers 10 years worth of indoor-growing experience in just several days.

The full product is filled with charts and graphs, tables and high-quality pictures that go together to produce a personal bible for indoor gardening.

All this information has been refined to produce a indoor grow system so easy to understand that your granny could grow an amazing first crop.People are saying the GrowAce Yield System is brilliant for beginners as well as experienced growers who just need a bit of fine-tuning. This complete grow package is just like one of those book for ‘Dummies’ – but with more information.

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