5 Gal. Squat Thermoformed Pot

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The thermoformed pots are nursery containers that are strong, dependable, and come with a heavy-duty rim, so picking up the planter becomes easy and quick. The pots have been made using a single plastic piece, making it highly durable, so there is no need to spend unnecessarily on other pots available in the market. In addition, the planters come with a superior drainage feature and come with a wide base.

The pot is perfect for plants that have been rooted shallow and can produce the perfect root ball. The pot design is cost-effective and comes in various sizes. The drainage holes do not allow excess water to accumulate; therefore, the roots are safe against damage.

Customer Reviews

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Hiro Lee

The cheapest price for pots around! With how fast the shipping was and low the price is there is nothing to complain about. These pots are not only durable but the draining capabilities are incredible! This pot has no problems draining your excess water so your plants won't experience root rot or drown in undrained water. I am currently using about 12 of these pots in my grow room but i plan on expanding my grow and ordering quite a few more! If you looking around for pots, then look no further. YOU HAVE FOUND THEM!

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