5' Steel Stake Plant Support - Green 20-pack - 7/16'' THIN

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Using 5' Steel Stake Plant Support is the best way to stake bushier plants or those with tall stems to produce a bigger harvest. It is made using steel with a green plastic coating to make each stake rust-free, robust, weather-resistant, and strong enough to support climbers. The package consists of 7/16'' thin 20 stakes, and you can also cut them into any length you desire.

  • Easy and Fast Installation: The stake comes with a steel core with a sharp end on one side for a quick push into the ground.
  • High-Density Plastic Coating: Green plastic coating makes each stake strong, lightweight, rust-free, and durable. This allows you to move, use and store easily.
  • Ridged Surface: Jagged surface allows climbers to grip the stakes located next to them quickly. It makes it easy for you to train plants or create trellis/teepees.
  • Create Effective Support for Large Climbing Plants: It supports big climbing plants like tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, squash, cucumbers, peas, grapes, pole beans, etc.

Few plants that grow tall or are bushier require support to ensure they do not break or flop. Use 5' Steel Stake Plant Support to keep your garden plants healthy

These sturdy stakes are built to keep your fruits, veggies, and flowers off the ground level while creating minimal stress on the roots. This ensures the plants get more room to grow, stay mold-free, and receive the nutrients they need to grow.

These sturdy stakes are also easy to install and use. Just insert the pointed end of the stake into the ground a few meters away from your plants. As your plants grow, use fabric strips or twine to tie your plants loosely to the stake. The plants will climb up faster and stand straight with the support of the stake.

Green plastic coating and steel core makes each stake tough to break. The coating also provides great chemical and UV resistance. This ensures quick transportation, usage, and re-use for plenty of years. The green surface also blends well into the planters without looking weird.

These stakes are great for creating tepees or trellis. The smooth surface finish is gentle for your plants. Each package consists of 20 heavy-duty green stakes. They are much better than support stakes made from wood because these plant stakes have a much longer life cycle.

Plant stakes also protect your plants against heavy rain and strong wind. They are also stackable and detachable. It makes you easily store them when not in use and saves plenty of space. Invest in 5' Steel Stake Plant Support today!


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-833705

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