Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5'

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The Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' Heavy Duty Grow Tent is the most effective method to begin indoor grow with up to 12 plants. This tent is the market's tallest, thickest, and most durable, and it has changed the benchmark for quality and dependability. It gives you, the grower, the tools you need to make the best indoor growing environment for big, healthy harvests.

  • Adjust Your Gorilla Grow Tent: Most grow tents have a regular height of 6' or 7', but the Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' comes with a 1' extension kit, bringing the total height to 8'. If this is not enough, you may add the 2' extension kit to reach 9' tall, or stack two extension kits to achieve an amazing 10'. Start cultivating enormous, powerful plants with more area than you can handle!

  • Extremely Thick and Long-Lasting Fabric: The 1680D thread count used by GGT in this 5x5 tent is the thickest available, up to 3–9 times denser than the competition. This makes them more resistant to light, sturdy, robust, and dependable. The inside sides of the tent's walls are constructed with reflective cloth for optimum light reflection, which helps to fill in the sides of your tent. The diamond shape of these walls makes them reflect more light and spread heat more evenly, so there are less hot spots.

  • Superior and Stronger Poles: The structure of the Gorilla Grow Tent 5' x 5' is 2-5 times stronger than the competitors, complementing the thick fabric. Each pole is made entirely of metal and secured with high-quality bolts, ensuring that not even the Big Bad Wolf can knock it over!

  • Protection Against Spills, Heat, and Disasters: With the Diamond Reflection Technology, up to 30% more lumens are redistributed, resulting in less waste and providing your plants with more of what they need to flourish. A grow tent will keep your growing mess contained, but what if the mess begins to leak out of the tent, such as stink or water?  Fortunately, the Gorilla Grow Tent 5 x 5 does not have this issue. It has a strong, long-lasting flood pool to catch any runoff or water spills, keeping your carpet or hardwood protected.  The thread density is classified as "ripistant," and it contains odor, noise, light, and heat within the tent, as well as water. In terms of heat, these tents include a patent-pending infrared-blocking insulated roof to keep the outside cool.

Why Choose The Gorilla Grow Tent Heavy Duty 5' x 5' Grow Tent? Whether you are searching for your first tent or an upgrade to your current setup, the GGT 5x5 is the best option. It offers several benefits over the competition, such as carefully arranged ducting pots, wide EZ-view windows, 360-degree access, a spacious layout, and a thick, superior construction. Let's get into the nitty-gritty.

Setting Up Your Grow Tent might be complicated and time-consuming, but not when you use the Gorilla Grow Tent. Their tents are simple to assemble and disassemble. In addition, their tents have clever innovations, such as velcro door strips that keep doors open and sealed over heavy-duty zippers. The viewing windows let you inspect your plants without having to open the doors and compromise the environment.

Extra height enables crouch-free movement within your tent. With Gorilla Grow Tents, you can now grow your plants to any size you choose. We have also wisely picked the tent sizes to accommodate the usual sizes of hydroponic and soil systems while still allowing plenty of space for maneuvering around and through your grow tent... and don't undervalue the inclusion of the handy tool pouch!


  • Dimensions: 5’x5’x6’11"

  • Height w/ Extension Kit: 7’11"

  • Height w/ 2 ft. Extension Kit: 8’11"

  • Weight: 88 lbs.

  • Canvas Density: 1680D

  • Pole Diameter: 22mm

  • Door Quantity: 2

  • Ducting Port Quantity: 8 (11" Double Cinching)

  • Electrical Port Quantity: 4 (3")


Customer Reviews

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James Cotter

Gorilla Grow Tent 60 Inch x 60 Inch

Matt Brelowski
Great tent too big for my space

Just a little too tall for my low ceiling

anonymous anonymous

Bad fucking ass

anonymous anonymous

The tent was just as advertised and I’m very pleased with it. Wished the box was a little sturdier it was split open in a couple places but nothing was missing.

Carlos Mendez

By far the best and most sturdy tent that I’ve purchased.

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