50 Inch x 100 Feet Standard Reflective Mylar 2 mil

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The standard reflective mylar disperses light by 98%, so you do not lose light, instead disperse it equally to the plants. Either side of the reflective mylar can be used for solving horticulture purposes. It can be installed in a variety of places like walls, poles, and pots. Don’t worry about leaving any hotspots on the plants; as with the reflective surface, the light won't be concentrated over certain plants.

  • Tear Resistant: The thickness of the sheet ensures reliability, as it won't damage easily upon applying pressure.

  • No Hotspots: The standard mylar helps reduce the hotspots as it disperses light evenly. So, your plants won't get damaged.

  • Use Both Sides: One side of the sheet is highly reflective, while the other side does have great light-blocking properties.

  • Easy Installation: You can get creative with the installation of the mylar sheet. You can hang, nail the sheet to a pole, wall, or pot.

With the standard reflective mylar, you won’t lose any light as it helps with the dispersion of light. For maximum efficiency, light can be installed on multiple surfaces, equipment. You can hang, glue, or mount it to walls, poles, and pots.

The mylar material is 98% reflective so that you can stay confident about its efficient nature. Its thickness is twice compared to the regular material available in the market—it measures 2mil. Also, the thickness of the sheet makes it resistant to damage.

The mylar sheet spreads light throughout an area, due to which there are no hotspots. The plants won’t get burnt as they won't receive concentrated light.

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Joel Rivera

Very useful stuff they stand by what they say..

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