6 inch Duct Muffler

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Duct Muffler is specially built to reduce vibration and sound upto 25 DBA created by fans and other equipment installed in the ductwork. In addition, this high-performance device is fire-resistant, non-toxic, and made using commercial-grade neoprene foam for sound deadening.

The biggest benefit is that it does not create any airflow restriction. You can use this duct silencer outside and inside. It is also easy to install in the existing or new ductwork. Simply connect it to your fan or ducting and see how it lowers the noise output.


  • Two 6" flanged ends

  • Portable and lightweight

  • Safe and effective operation

  • Duct silencers are easy to install and maintenance-free.

  • This 6-inch duct muffler is made of high-quality corrosion-resistant galvanized sheet construction.

  • Wave crest polyurethane sponge can offer excellent sound and vibration absorption.

  • This high-performance sound-absorbing foam lining can reduce 50% noise!

  • If the noise of your fan/blower is 50db, our duct silencers can reduce it to 25db.

  • Moisture resistant - great for use in a damp environment.

  • Extended collar and lip for easy duct hook-up.

  • Airtight sealing tape included.


  • SKU/ Model: DL-760006L

  • Flange: 6"

  • Fit for Fans/Blowers: 6" Flange

  • Surface Material: Durable Galvanized Sheet

  • Sound Absorbing Foam: Wave Crest Polyurethane Sponge

  • Fusion Point of Foam: 250 degrees centigrade

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david tidwell

Have not set up yet just getting everything I need I’m sure it all will be great thanks DT.

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