6.5x6.5ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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Jake Menoff

kit is exactly what i needed. professionally thought of and executed.


The price for the volume of things in this package is amazing and great quality for the most part.

steve L

nice set up fits all my needs and very nice people at grow ace


I’m not crazy about protecting myself from UV rays or sun-tan, but I really hate being out in the sun for long although I love my garden. Getting my hands on the 6.5x6.5ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system, though, changed the way I worked in my garden. Not only do I not have to spend too much time outdoors, but I can enjoy the beauty of my garden right from within my home. The accessories that come along with it make gardening a breeze. Also, the included hydroponic system works brilliantly. Yes, it does take up a tidy bit of space, but I certainly don’t grudge this. The indoor grow tent is something I’d recommend for anyone who prefers simple gardening while having it as a hobby at the same time.

Shelby Jones

I’ve had my fair share of issues with miserable customer care, but I should say that I was in for a surprise when I ordered my new 6.5x6.5ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system. I envisioned that buying the tent would be all the association I had with this company, but I was surprised to get a call from customer service. No, this was not one of your typical calls where you’re egged on to buy new add-ons, but they were genuinely interested in knowing whether I was happy with the product I’d ordered and if it was delivered in good condition. I loved the fact that they also gave me some awesome tips on how to use my grow tent to get the best out of it. I’ve got to say, they rock! And the included hydroponic system and Advance Spectrum MAX LED Grow Panel that was part of this system were brilliant too. I can see my plants growing really well and this makes me feel happy and eager to see what I can do in the future.

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