6.5x6.5ft LED Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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I bought this package when it happened to be on sale. Before I received it, I received a phone call from Grow Ace explaining that the tent that came with the package was out of stock They said they were going to upgrade the tent for me at no extra charge !!! Delivery was very prompt for the entire package. Thanks Grow Ace. Have recommended your web site to quite a few people. Will be doing a lot more business with you in the future.


This grow tent exceeded expectations. I simply love this grow tent package. If your just beginning or are an experienced grower this package has everything you want and need good quality good price. The 32 watt LED's are also a good perk that can be used sufficiently as a veg light!

Jose Gonzalez-Rodriguez

The 6.5x6.5ft LED soil complete indoor grow tent system is probably the best quality of grow tent package in the market! I am very happy with the quality of material and it was extremely easy to install it. I received the shipment quite quickly and the product looked the same as described on the website. It has been several weeks now, three and a half weeks to be exact and it is here in the corner of my living room proudly standing upright. So far so good! The digital yield lab thermo-hygrometer lets me keep a watch on humidity and temperature so that I can take appropriate measures if either of these factors are not good for my plants. I am extremely happy about the product and am sure to get best results out of it. I may probably buy another one!


I placed an order for the 6.5x6.5ft LED soil complete indoor grow tent system some time ago and received it promptly. Shortly after I received it guess who contacted me – the customer service. I was more amazed by that call rather than the product. I am not saying the product wasn’t good. I am certainly happy with it, but what added to the whole experience is the concern that the company has to keep their customers happy. They were interested in what I had to say and whether I received the product in good condition or not. They even helped me with some tips to use the product in the best way possible. Their customer service is awesome and just for that I may buy another one. And I’d also choose another of these tents for the amazing features – right from the easy installation to its durability and gardener-friendly accessories that truly help make the job easier.


It shipped fast and everything was in good shape when it was unpacked. The Tent fits over the frame like a glove. Great deal. Thanks Guys.

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