8x4ft HID Hydro Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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Customer Reviews

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Let me begin by saying my plants love the 8x4ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system. As for me I love the fact that it came with all the needed basic items for gardening. These guys are like the gardening gods that fulfill your wishes even before you ask them for it! Sounds too extravagant I know! But that’s how I feel using this product. I have used many grow tents in the past but none have come to the caliber of this one. I remember jumping from one shop to another just to find the right tools for myself. With all the tools easily at your disposal my plants love it and are thriving amazingly in it. Also, the 3-part nutrient package that comes with it is amazing for my plants. I would recommend it to anyone who asks me about grow tents. In fact, I am thinking of expanding my garden and buying another one.


As far as I’m concerned, most companies just bother about customers when they’re out to sell something. Not so, though, when I bought my 8x4ft HID Hydro complete indoor grow tent system. Shortly thereafter, I was surprised to get a call from customer service. I was initially wary that they were trying to sell me something else and I had a ready “No, thank you” at the tip of my tongue, but never got to say it. I simply ended up saying “Thank you”, after they inquired after my purchase, ensured that I was happy with it, and even helped me with some neat suggestions on how to use it. Would I recommend their services? Of course! What do I especially love about the product? Well, everything – the tools, the accessories and the smart durable construction. I also love the fact that they included the Oxygen Pot Systems 12 Site XL Super-Flow Analog that made hydroponic growing a breeze.

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