8x4ft HID Soil Complete Indoor Grow Tent System

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The tent itself is decent quality. Not super heavy, but great zippers, windows, and ports for ducting and cords. The lights, fans, and bulbs are all working great. Love the prune pots, but they should really have trays underneath in addition to the tent liner. My order was missing a couple sets of ratcheting lifts, but customer support got those out quickly and with no hassle. A master packing slip or checklist would have been great. There are a ton of components and it would just be a smart thing to include. And the size/weight of the boxes was an issue. I get that this is a big kit, but expect that a certain number of your customers are patients growing for themselves and may have physical limitations. Some things clearly can't be downsized (the tent), but taping two large heavy boxes together (reflectors, ballasts, bulbs, cords) is a little ridiculous.


All the items came as in timely manor, I am happy with my purchase from GrowAce , and will buy from them in again soon.


I just received my 8x4ft HID soil complete indoor grow tent system and thought of submitting my review first before installing it. I went through all the parts and tools in the package and should say they are of extreme high quality. Nothing was damaged or torn. The material is not thick like other grow tents but definitely sturdy and will withstand any amount of pressure. I especially like the window feature from which you can peep through to see inside. The entire 75 square feet of adjustable Net Trellis for training plants and SCROG growing was brilliant. Very smart designing! I am looking forward to growing some good quality vegetables at my home and going green! I would surely recommend this product which is priced right too.


I am a crazy gardener and like trying new things in gardening. I heard about the 8x4ft HID soil complete indoor grow tent system from a friend and thought of buying it just to test it out and see what the hype is all about. The tent system in itself was interesting but what surprised me the most is all the accessories that came in the package. Earlier, I had to search for each accessory and tool separately in the market and it was very time consuming and expensive too. But this tent system package threw all those worries away. Everything I needed was part of the package, including internal clip fans, a digital thermo-hydrometer and testing and control meters. I could focus on the main task at hand that is gardening. I would surely recommend this to my gardener friends.

Jed samuels

WOW! AMAZING! ASTOUNDING! There are a lot of other words I want to use to describe the 8x4ft HID soil complete indoor grow tent system. I got mine recently and I should say the indoor grow tent is superior in every way be it design, practicality, functionality and of course compactness. I look at it and I am amazed that I have a garden right inside my home without all the dirt and uncleanness that it brings. I especially loved the plethora of tools that came with the package and the high quality prune pots that let me help my plants grow better and aerate them completely. I used the prune pots and was again astounded by the produce it generated. The holes it has helped the plant to breathe sufficiently and the fabric material somehow promoted quick root growth. My plants are looking healthier as ever in them. Of course the cost is a motivating factor to purchase one but I would day purchase it for its supreme quality.

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