Active Air Inline Carbon Filter

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Size: 24"
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The active airline filter supports 2 stage filtration design which ensures dual airflow direction. You can install the filter in cabinets, small spaces, and grow rooms, so space restrictions won't stop you from installing the air carbon filter. Just place them wherever you want as the air isn't pulled through the mesh; instead, the filtering process happens within the body.

  • Two-Stage Filtration: For twice the effectiveness, the active air inline carbon filter repeats the filtration process twice- upon entering the filter and at the time of exit.

  • Perfect for Small Space: Do not worry about the space restrictions as the filter can easily adjust in small spaces like grow tents, small spaces, cabinets.

  • Can be Installed Outdoors: You can extend the ducting from inside the room, running from them, which will help in filtering the air.

The active air inline carbon filters offer maximum versatility. You do not have to install them inside a grow room preferably; instead, install them on the grow tent's walls or the grow room.

The active air filters have been installed inline for maximum versatility. No longer do you need to install the filter indoors. You can mount them wherever you want. The filters do not pull air through the mesh, so filtration happens within the body, and the exterior of the filter is rock solid.

The active air inline carbon filters are perfect for places with space restrictions like grow rooms, tents, cabinets, and multiple other locations. The grow tent has a versatile filter that lets the growers install fans outside the room if required. You can install the carbon filter outside the grow room and run the ducting tape through it inside the room to filter air and extract air.

The filter gives a 2-stage filtration design- at the time of entering the filter and upon exit.


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-ACCIF

  • Shipping Weight:16.50 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions: 12.70L x 12.80W x 28.15H

Customer Reviews

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Dr Gonzo
Love getting the filter out of the tent!

Can't wait to install the second one in the 4x4. Having the carbon filter outside of the tent frees up so much ceiling space for the lights. I have the ducting running behind the tent and venting outside.

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