Active Aqua Grow Flow 5 gal System w/Controller Unit & 3/4" Tubing

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Maintain proper hydration with Active Aqua Grow Flow and get healthy plants in no time. It is the customizable, powerful, and most efficient ebb & flow system on the market. It is built to help users with growing and germination. It comes with a controller unit and ¾ inch tubing. Its easy operation makes the system perfect for the new growers.

  • Easy to Use: This complete ebb and flow system is a plug-and-play system, which means just set it and forget.
  • Comes with Overflow Protection: For safety purposes, Grow Flow is also equipped with fail-safe protection. When there is an overflow, the emergency shut-off float valve stops running and shuts the system to prevent damage to the growing area.
  • Up to 24 Growing Modules: Grow Flow Expansion Kits from Grow Flow comes with 12 growing modules. But it can permit upto 24 growing modules using one 5-gallon system.
  • Portability: Each grow module comes with one outer and one inner bucket. This makes it easy to shift plants anywhere you like.

Grow Flow is a complete system with 12 sites. But experienced growers can also build a tailored set-up by buying individual components and meet their requirements. Each growing module in Grow Flow Expansion Kits has a centered drain fitting to prevent standing water and proper aeration for enhanced root health. This ebb & flow system is 100% modular and has easy usage. 

You simply need to set the drain and fill cycles, and the controller will do the rest. The two high-flow pumps run for only a short time per day, making the system more efficient.

You can also shut down the shut-off valve to shut the system automatically in case of any emergency. In addition, this user-friendly system is equipped with an LED indicator light to alert you about overflow.

What Does the Package Include?

  • 1 x 7-gallon controller module

  • 1 x 55-gallon distribution reservoir

  • 2 x 250 GPH high-flow pumps

  • 12 x 5-gallon bucket modules (each holds 13L of clay pebbles)

  • All fittings and tubing 

  • Warranty

  • Instruction manual


  • Emergency shut-off valve

  • Adjustable float ladder  

  • Water pumps run on 120V

  • ¾ inch tubing and fittings

  • LED emergency indicator light

  • Each growing module comes of one outer bucket and one inner bucket

  • Each control unit has the potential to control up to 24 5-gallon growing modules


  • SKU/Model No.: HF-GFO7KT5

  • Brand: Active Aqua

  • Warranty: 3 years

  • Capacity: 5 gallon

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Hydroponic grow flow

This is a really nice ebb and flow system you get everything you need to set up for a perfect grow. I wanna thank grow ace for a nice easy site to purchase from with all top notch products with fantastic prices. Definitely will be back to purchase more products and recommending to friends and family

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