Active Aqua Utility Sump Pump, 1479 GPH/5600 LPH

Active AquaSKU: HF-AAPC1010

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The Utility pumps have been designed by the Active Aqua, powerful and allow recirculation and transfer of nutrient solution and water. The pumps work great for hydroponics and perform well for ponds, aquariums, and fountains. The pump comes equipped with ceramic bearings, which allows its continuous use. High durability is an assurance as it can perform well inside water-containing solids and sediments.

  • Easy Maintenance:The horticulture solution comes with overall protections built-in, a removable rotor that ensures easy maintenance.

  • Perfect for Hydroponics: Whether you have aquariums, ponds, a water body, or fountains, the aqua utility sump pumps are perfect for all hydroponics environments.

  • Maximum Capacity Water Pumps: Water transfer and recirculation happen quickly and easily with the utility submersible pumps.

  • Withstand Operations in Water: The horticulture solution comes with a reliable impeller that can work great for underwater operations. It can work smoothly in water bodies that contain sediment and solids.

Get the utility submersible lamps launched by Active Aqua. The lamps are tough, and the maximum capacity water pumps allow easy recirculation and transfer of water. It also circulates the nutrient solution.

You can install the pump in a hydroponic setting and applications that include ponds, fountains, aquariums, and various water bodies. You can place the motor inside the water, which contains sediments and solids. The sediment size can be up to 6mm. All the electrical parts of the water pumps are properly sealed, ensuring safe and easy functionality.

The maintenance and functionality of the motor pump is easy and quick. The system has an energy-saving tube perfect, and it also comes with built-in thermal overload protection, so the fixture stays protected against electrical mishaps.

You get the option to choose between 2 models of water pumps, each with different water transfer capacities- the AAPC1010 gives 1479 GPH at 6.52 psi; the AAPC1020, which gives 2166 GPH at 8.7 psi. The horticulture fixture comes with 1 tubing adapter. The continuous use of the grow light is made possible with the ceramic bearings.


  • SKU/Model No.:HF-AAPC1010

  • Shipping Weight:7.63 lbs.

  • Package Dimensions:8.86L x 6.89W x 10.04H

  • Frequency:60

  • Rated Amperage:1.25 A

  • Rated GPH:1480

  • Rated Wattage: 122 W

  • Weight (Unboxed):6.27

  • Width (Unboxed):6.61

  • Length (Unboxed):7.93

  • Height (Unboxed):9.05

  • Voltage:120 V

  • Wire Gauge (AWG): 18AWG,25ft

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