Adhesive Zipper Door

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The Adhesive Zipper Door is an efficient and time-saving instant door. It provides a quick, convenient, and simple entry to your greenhouse. You can also use it with hoop houses, commercial, residential applications, plastic enclosures, etc. Use the sticky adhesive to attach the door to any surface you want and get a new entry to the space. 

  • Durable, Heavy-Duty Door: The zipper door is durable and strong enough to use on poly, tarp, or plastic enclosures. 
  • Sticky Adhesive: The door comes with a super-sticky gum or adhesive. It creates a strong bond between the door and the surface over a long time. 
  • Peel and Stick System: The peel and stick system allows a single person to attach the door conveniently. Just tear off the initial adhesive and reposition it on the surface. 
  • Double-Sided Zip Pullers: Easy zip up and zip down mechanism to open or close the door from either side and keep the enclosure sealed. 

The Adhesive Zipper Door is perfect to use for your greenhouse or any other outdoor or indoor surface. It also has utility in commercial or residential applications like painting, remodeling, construction, renovation, a car or boat plastic enclosure, etc. 

The door is perfect for plastic, tarp, or poly enclosures. It comes with a sticky adhesive that can be peeled off from its original position and stuck on the surface where you want to attach the zipper door. The adhesive is really sticky and forms a strong bond between the door and the surface. Therefore, it is recommended to use the door a few hours after you have attached it.

It does not take any extra machines or gadgets to install the door, and a single person can do it easily because of the effective peel and stick system. The zippers are on both sides, and you can simply pull the zip up or down to close or open the door, respectively. As the door seals the enclosure from both sides, it protects from dust, toxic gases or particles, debris, etc., and does not let light escape your grow tent or greenhouse. 

Earlier, people used duct tape, glue, heat guns, tapes, etc., to seal a door, but this Adhesive Zipper Door helps you achieve this. This reliable zipper door is the right product, whether you want to make an air-tight or weatherproof enclosure. We recommend you stick the door on the surface around 24 hours before you start using it. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-777005

  • Length: 7 feet

  • Width: 3 inches

Customer Reviews

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Zachary edwards

Really good product. We use it for the doorway into our main flower room. It was easy to install. I was hoping it would be a little thicker but they did say what mil it was when I ordered it. Over all it's a good door.

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