Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Increase the overall growth and performance of indoor plants from the vegetative to the bloom stage with this 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. It is ideal for new and seasoned growers. It comes with long-lasting die-cast aluminum housing, manual dimmer, four-light bars for maximum coverage. The grow light is suitable for all stages of plant growth – seedling, germination, etc.

  • Power Full Spectrum Light: The full-spectrum design is ideal for complete indoor plant growth – from vegetative to bloom. This makes indoor planting much more convenient.
  • Plug and Play Design: Installation of this full spectrum light is easy. It works right out of the box.
  • All Aluminium Alloy Case: It has a pure aluminum alloy casing that offers good heat dissipation. This makes your plants grow speedily and happily.
  • No Fan Design: This LED grow lamp is noiseless. It offers a quiet growth experience to the growers.

4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is built to offer record-breaking growth to indoor plant growers. The full spectrum design is the ideal replacement for sunshine and ensures fast growth and full plant development.

278 LEDs per bar and 3*3 feet length offers a huge illumination area to the indoor plants. This reliable grow light is perfect for commercial growing. The aluminum body of LED light consists of multiple cooling ports to increase efficiency. So, you can place the light near your indoor plants without fearing heat damage.

Each bar comes with its own power supply. Thus, if the bar gets damaged, it will not affect the whole lamp, and you can even replace it quickly. This efficient and superior quality grow light will ensure your indoor plants offer you the desired output. Four high-intensity light bars offer more uniform lighting to the plants in your grow area to match your growing goals.

Aluminum casing offers excellent heat dissipation, which extends the lifespan of the bulb. The full-spectrum LED light comes with no fan. So, it stays quiet and does not disturb you.

The manual dimmer feature lets you control the intensity of lights at any growth stage manually. It lowers the energy cost because the 4 bar LED grow light consumes electricity in comparison to the conventional lights such as HPS, Fluorescent, and Metal Halide.

The removable design of grow light provides easy installation and transportation. It also comes with a Driver Box that consists of LED drivers you need to install your grow light.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-AS-400W

  • Spectrum LED Model E 400W

  • Full spectrum led grow light and designed for commercial horticulture

  • Driver Box in Middle

  • China Driver,Input Voltage: 110-277V

  • 0-10V Dim & Manual Dimmer

  • Size: 36 36INCH/ 90 90CM

  • 3*3 FT/ 4 Light Bars/ L7009-400W

  • 278pcs LEDs per bar/ 1112pcs in total

  • Mid Version (China 3V 3030)

  • LED Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J, Total PPF: 1080μmol/s

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    PAUL Wanty

    I Got tis light 3months ago and its working great the plants are getting all the light they need pretty a green . even under cover leaves . just wish they made a 900watt!!!


    Works for my space didn't think it would heat up as much as it does but an easy problem to fix with a extra fan. Led believer!


    I would give this LED light a B+ because there is one white light on each of the spheres that is burnt out and notfunctioning properly. I would give this light an A+ otherwise, if they were all working. However this defect did not affect the productivity of the plants, and the light was very intense and bright. The plants all blew up like monsters, and I was very satisfied with theamazing end results. Also, I had a much lower electric bill, than when I wasusing HPS lights. And, the nutrients I bought from Grow-ace are the best in the business.GROWACE RESPONSE: Thank you for your honest review of the product. All of the Advance Spectum Max S Series lights come with a UV spectrum built into each of the diode clusters. This UV spectrum diode is placed specifically for medical plants to promote resin growth during the final stages of growth. UV spectrum wavelength is not visible to the human eye due to where it lies in the spectrum map, however rest assure that it is highly visible to plants!

    Rose Whitman

    This light has really impressed me so far. It fits in my grow space, in a nice and sleek fashion, the LED's are extremely bright and my plants are reacting to them well so far. Can't wait to see what they yield when completely full grown!!! Anyone who is skeptical of LED lights, there is no need to be any longer, this is the light to grow with!

    Paul bridgeport

    Upon purchasing this LED panel, I was a bit concerned but the people at GrowAce reassured me and its been the best experience ever. the item is very well bulit in a full metal housing. It includes 6 fans which cool off the panel which doesnt give off much heat anyways. best price around for a 300w LED panel. thank you growace, i will be a returning customer for sure

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