Advance Spectrum 400W Sun Series 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light


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Yields Up To 4 Plants

The Advanced Spectrum 400W Sun Series LED Grow Light is the perfect size for up to 4 plants.

Easy To Set Up

The plug and play design offers a one step installaton

Full Spectrum

Sun-like light spectrum for all stages of plant growth.

Get sustainable production of superior quality indoor crops with this 4-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. It is an excellent lighting solution for commercial horticulture. It mimics natural light and ensures it gets evenly distributed to every area for fast and complete plant development. The biggest benefit is that it comes with a dimming function, 4 bars, aluminum heat sink, zero noise design, etc.

Full Spectrum Light

The grow light comes with a full spectrum sun-like design closer to the natural light which includes blue, red, and white light. It offers high-quality and efficient growth of crops of any variety and at any stage. Plant exposure to the grow light bar boosts the terpene level. It ensures better and complete plant growth – from seedling to harvest. This high-performance LED grow light works well with plants grown in water and soil.

Wide Range of Light Penetration

The Advanced Spectrum 400W Sun Series LED Grow Light has a large range where the light has full force penetration on the plants.

Foldable Design

The full spectrum light is very easy to install and portable. Thanks to the plug-and-play design. This makes this full-spectrum LED light easy to set up and move from one place to another.

Dimming Technology

The grow light comes with a manual dimmer that helps you manually set the right spectrum for the plants at different growing stages. It offers you complete control over the output. This highly efficient LED grow light offers more than 50% energy savings. By replacing your fluorescent tubes and other conventional lights, you can save a significant amount of money.

Smart Controller Compatible

Advanced Spectrum Smart Controller is a highly effective and intelligent system developed for growers. Its glass touch screen has an LED display and one-touch control that allow users to wirelessly control grow lights and fixtures in one grow room with one touch. The biggest perk is that this low voltage device also does not need any switchboard. The device comes with state-of-the-art features like auto shutdown, humidity/temperature sensors, short-circuit protection, etc.


SKU/Model No.: LED-AS-400W
Spectrum LED Model E 400W
Full spectrum led grow light and designed for commercial horticulture
Driver Box in Middle
China Driver,Input Voltage: 110-277V
0-10V Dim & Manual Dimmer
Size: 36 36INCH/ 90 90CM
3*3 FT/ 4 Light Bars/ L7009-400W
278pcs LEDs per bar/ 1112pcs in total
Mid Version (China 3V 3030)
LED Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J, Total PPF: 1080μmol/s

No fan design makes your room quiet because light produces no noise. All die-casting aluminum bodies offer great heat dissipation for the long life span of the light. It ensures that the system stays cool and consumers get high output. It is built with the consumer's safety and health in mind. Therefore, it will not cause any damage to the human ocular system. It comes with four efficient Light Bars consisting of 416pcs LEDs (per bar) that offer even and wide coverage to benefit your plants from anywhere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Stan McGinnis
First Time LED Light Owner

I really like this light. It does not make too much heat, is compact with no large controller box, and is a good size. For the first two weeks I used the manual dimmer knob to control the light intensity, then I paired my light with a digital controller (including phone app functionality), and I love how they work together.

While I might buy a higher wattage light for a second setup, there is a good chance is will be in the same product lineup.

Mike Murtaugh
Complete 4x4 hydron led ten

Love the tent and light , the air cube is a Little bit hard to get use to but all in all I love it


I am getting a good two inches a day new growth(hydro), waiting to see what density and bulk will be.
I am clustering 4 hybrid plants; Last crop was 4 lb. we shall see what if any changes. need a couple more if density is good

Great light!

Great Light! Light is easy to assemble. Dimming feature is great and provides all the light I need. Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a serious grow light!

PAUL Wanty

I Got tis light 3months ago and its working great the plants are getting all the light they need pretty a green . even under cover leaves . just wish they made a 900watt!!!

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