Advance Spectrum 680W Sun Series Model E 6-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light

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Need high-performance full-spectrum LED grow light for commercial horticulture? This Advanced Spectrum 680W Sun Series is a great choice. It is built to increase your yield and crop quality while offering you the most bang for your bucks. You can use it in farming applications where you do not have natural sunlight or need supplementary LED light.

  • Full Spectrum LED: This high-quality light bar comes with full-spectrum LED for faster plant growth. It provides a spectrum that imitates natural sunlight. It is great for various indoor plants at every growth stage (vegetative, flowering, and others).
  • Manual Dimmer Function: It helps you adjust the intensity of light. It offers your plants the perfect spectral ratios no matter their stage for better output to guard them against accidental overheating.
  • Minimalist Bar Design: 6 grow light bars feature minimalistic design. It offers high flexibility to the growers. They can hang, perch, hook or place it at an angle and surface.
  • China Driver: The driver is sourced from China. It comes with superb quality, safety and performance so that you can shop with confidence. The driver ensures stable voltage for the long lifespan of LEDs.

Grow healthier and tastier crops with Advanced Spectrum 680W Sun Series Model E 6-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. 6 light bars use 416pcs LEDs per bar that keep the indoor plants strong and healthy by offering them the light they require to grow in high densities. So, it is a perfect addition to the whole cycle of plant growth.

The grow light bars use state-of-the-art technology to offer overheating and overcurrent protection. The grow light is also very easy to assemble and disassemble. Thanks to the plug-and-play design. The foldable design offers growers the flexibility for use in diverse growing areas.

Chinese drivers ensure high performance of LED lights at the customer’s end. The LED grow light bar is manufactured with an aluminum case for better heat dissipation and cooling. In addition, the die-cast aluminum housing provides a completely silent operation.

This flickering-free grow light comes with a fanless design. As a result, it does not need any installation and produces zero noise. So, it is perfect for the growers that do not want to disturb others. This highly efficient LED light provides excellent energy savings (over 40%). So, it is an ideal replacement for fluorescent, HPS, and Metal Halide grow lights.

The manual dimmer prevents the overheating of plants, mainly during the warmer months of the year. It allows you to dim the light as per your needs. This reduces the heat produced and ensures your grow space does not get too hot. This 6-Bar Full Spectrum LED Grow Light is an excellent solution for commercial horticulture cultivation.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-AS-680W

  • Full Spectrum LED Model E 680W

  • Full spectrum led grow light and designed for commercial horticulture

  • Driver Box in Middle

  • China Driver,Input Voltage: 110-277V

  • 0-10V Dim & Manual Dimmer

  • Size: 48 48INCH/ 120 120CM

  • 4FT/ 6 Light Bars/ L7009A-680W

  • 370pcs LEDs per bar/ 2220pcs in total

  • Mid Version (China 3V 3030)

  • LED Efficacy: 2.7μmol/J, Total PPF: 1750μmol/s

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews
    Thomas Wilson
    So far so good

    A couple of weeks and I see a huge improvement!!!

    Zachary Warner
    Led review

    The Light is more then expected, im very impressed so far. I still havent used it on Full blast but the lowest setting and adjustability is outstanding. The quality is superior and look farward to many harvests. If it produces what i think is capable then i will purchase 4 or 5 more of these for sure.. thNx again, happy harvestz!

    Matthew Shepherd
    These lights are amazing, but need a few directions

    Myself and family recently purchased lighting. They are amazing, a game changer from what I see.. but with directions those who don't understand electrical vue would start ordering converters and turns to a mess.
    Me, I plugged it in and the 600W of greatness was released and I am a happy customer.. we shall see how season goes. I'll upgrade as production is satisfied

    Malachi Walton

    Honestly so far so good the lights are awesome. I'm impressed with my purchase so far only downside was I didn't receive a trellis with my order

    charles samons

    have two of these they handle my growing needs for 6x7 sea of green

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