Advance Spectrum Smart Controller for LED, DE, and CMH Grow Light Systems

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Advanced Spectrum Smart Controller is a highly effective and intelligent system developed for growers. Its glass touch screen has an LED display and one-touch control that allow users to wirelessly control grow lights and fixtures in one grow room with one touch. The biggest perk is that this low voltage device also does not need any switchboard. The device comes with state-of-the-art features like auto shutdown, humidity/temperature sensors, short-circuit protection, etc.

  • Smart Controller: Touchscreen controller has a plug-and-play set-up and use. It comes with a display, set, up/down, and right/left keys. 
  • Dual Zone Function: One controller lets you control up to 160 grow lights easily in one room.
  • Automated Sensor: The device consists of humidity and temperature sensors that automatically sense the temperature and humidity levels in the grow room and alert the user.
  • Support All Advance Spectrum SUN Series: It is highly compatible with Advance Spectrum SUN Series LED grow lights.

Advanced Spectrum is the most advanced controller in the market. It is compatible with both new and old versions of CMH, DE, and LED lights. It is an effective way to manage grow lights in the grow room. It is suitable for a wide range of applications like gardening, hydroponics, greenhouses, etc.

The smart controller has a phone with Bluetooth connectivity functionality. It can manage up to 160 grow lights in a single room hassle-free. Automated control and sensor features give excellent control and precise information to the user.

Users can set a precise lightning schedule depending on their preferences and adjust its intensity as per their growth stage. 

The smart controller has safe and quick installation. It shows the output as ‘W’ or ‘%.’ It can control up to 160 pieces of fixtures. Linking the smart controller to the light fixtures is also simple.

Simply link one end of RJ14 to the controller A port and another end to A port. It shields the user against a short circuit. It automatically shuts down at your temperature setting. To use the controller, Long press the ‘SET’ button for three seconds. If you see the red highlighted region, this means you are all set to control your grow lights in your grow room.

Adding a smart controller to your grow room can help you increase control, convenience, and comfort. It also helps you get increased energy savings and maximum yield.


  • SKU/Model No.: LED-AS-CONT
  • No need for a switchboard
  • Easy and safe installation (Low Voltage Device)
  • Protected against short circuit
  • Double temperature safety feature
  • Control up to 160 pcs ballasts
  • Show output as W or %
  • Auto Shutdown at the temperature setting

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Brandon McCurley Mccurley Mccurley

Controller is awesome! Need better instructions, grey areas!

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