Aeromixer All-In-One Control Aerobrewer


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The Aeromixer All-In-One Control Aerobrewer is made to be used as an overheat protection and automatic temperature control system for a wide range of electric appliances, such as home-brewing equipment, pet breeding, incubation, seedling heat mats, oven temperature control, terrestrial heat control, heating pump constant temperature cycle, culture fermentation, accelerating germination, electric radiator, electric oven, and so on.

  • Best Speed Controller: The Aerobrewer is more than just a Variable Speed Controller; it's a simple gadget designed to assist farmers like you to save time and cultivate happy plants. The Aerobrewer allows you complete control over aeration and mixing in your feed tank, making it ideal for farmers with smaller tanks, those who like a gentler agitation on compost teas, or those who want to achieve the optimum brew temperature every time! Set the power level, the temperature, or both at the same time to avoid mixing by guesswork. 

  • Perfect Temperature For Compost Tea: Compost tea bacteria have been found to be happiest and most active at temperatures of about 72 degrees Fahrenheit. When combined with the strength of your Aeromixer, the Aerobrewer can assist you in reaching and attaining this magical number. Heat is generated by motors. We're all aware of it. Use the waste from your mixing and aerating pump to help make the best compost tea you can. 

  • High Accuracy: The silicone temperature sensor is waterproof and of good quality. This device maintains the correct temperature range in your environment by providing continual optimal temperatures. The All-In-One Control on the Aeromixer is simple to use and program: It only has two steps for your application. It can be used in either heating or cooling mode.

The Aeromixer All-In-One Control can be used for home wine and beer brewing, aquariums, greenhouses, seedling heat mats, BBQs, boiler operating controls, BBQs, grow tents, fermentation, incubation, refrigerators, chest freezers, space heaters, air conditioners, fridges, home brew fermentors, beer fermenters, homebrewing, fermentation, chamber breweries, grow rooms, reptiles, greenhouses, and so on.

This Aeromixer All-In-One Control Aerobrewer is an electronic temperature controller with a single stage. The large, illuminated LCD panel is simple to read. For human engineering, the case is made of fireproof ABS plastic. The temperature sensor is waterproof and highly accurate.

The big LCD panel shows the measured temperature, the temperature setting, and custom icons for working mode, glare-free mode, and eye protection mode.


  • Max Input 15 Amp

  • On up to 30 min / Off up to 60 min

  • Three Settings (Speed, Timer, Speed + Timer)

  • Regulate Your Aeromixer from 2.0 - 6.2 amps

  • Three Prong 120v Plug

  • One-Year Warranty

  • Aeromixer NOT included

  • Brand Aeromixer


  • Weight (lb.) 1.15

  • Length (in.) 4.75

  • Width (in.) 3.25

  • Height (in.) 6.5

  • Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 Business Days

  • Prop 65 No

  • UL Listed No

  • Amps 2.0-6.2A

  • Voltage 120 Volt

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