Aeromixer The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit


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The Aeromixer The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit was designed to make it easier to feed your garden. You can now feed and water in half the time with THE HOSE from AEROMIXER. Everything you need to feed your garden is right here in this box with our all-in-one-feed kit: The hose is 100 feet long, one inch in diameter, and nearly indestructible! The HOSE comes with a two-piece watering wand that can be used when you need a long reach or not.

  • Two 18" Aluminum Watering Wands With 1" Coupler: The lightweight aluminum construction of Aeromixer's watering wand allows for strengthened walls, making it exceptionally hard-duty without being super heavy. Because let's face it, farmers are HARD on our equipment, but our equipment should not be. Our wands are hard to break and have an 18" or 36" reach and a high-flow nozzle to spread your mixture. 

  • 1" Corrosion Resistant Brass Ball Valve: The Aeromixer 1" Brass Ball Valve is an excellent addition to any garden. When used in conjunction with THE HOSE by Aeromixer, this handy valve can significantly reduce feed times. With this Ball Valve, you can easily stop the flow of water from your hose as you move from garden bed to garden bed or from plant to plant. This makes sure that all of your valuable nutrients get where they need to go. 

  • Virtually Unkinkable: THE HOSE is made of 1/4" double-walled braided nylon and is nearly impossible to kink. The extra thick walls are extremely durable while still allowing for flexibility in getting it where it needs to go in your garden, yard, or farm.

  • THE HOSE is designed for longevity and durability, with high-quality materials such as brass, PVC, and braided nylon, resulting in a product that will last as long as you need it..

  • One Inch. Heavy Duty: Drive a tractor over it, or leave it out in the scorching summer sun! THE HOSE is one of the toughest on the market, with a Shore Hardness rating of over 90A. Because we employ high-quality materials, this will be the only garden hose you'll ever need to buy.

The lightweight aluminum structure of the wand allows for strengthened walls, which means it's incredibly heavy duty without being super heavy. Now, let's face it, in real life terms, farmers are HARD on Aeromixer equipment, but our Aeromixer The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit equipment is not hard to farmers.

The Aeromixer The Hose: All-In-One Feed Kit is made of heavy-duty materials that resist kinking, remain flexible in extreme cold, and can be used with hot water. It can endure hot water temperatures of up to 200°F, coils readily, and is flexible to -25°F. Even at high temperatures, the tough 100 percent rubber cover remains flexible. It is designed for business, home, and recreational use. It is assembled in the United States from domestic and international components.


  • Brand Aeromixer

  • SKU AERO100-HK

  • Weight (lb.) 40

  • Length (in.) 24

  • Width (in.) 24

  • Height (in.) 7

  • Lead Time This product ships in 1-2 Business Days

  • Prop 65 No

  • UL Listed No

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