AirCube Advanced Brain Controller Module

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The AirCube Advanced Brain controller is designed specifically for the AirCube Active Oxygen Grow Ebb & Flow System. With a build-in timer and multiple water level sensors, set up a fully automated growing system. 1 Advance Brain controller can control up to 36 AirCube buckets!  

The advanced brain controller comes with a flood and drain water pumps, all the connectors, drain tube fittings and 15 feet of tubing . Rest assured, the system has multiple safety features including a built-in circuit protector and a double fail safe float valve to protect against water overflow. 

Commander Features:

  • Adjustable upper float switches to adjust the water level
  • 14" maximum flood depth
  • 3/4" connectors for increased water flow
  • A double fail-safe float to protect against overflow. 
  • Built-in circuit protector from electrical or mechanical failure.
  • Expandable up to 36 AirCube Buckets per controller!

The controller can connect at least 36 aircube buckets to the system.


  • SKU/Model No.: CU-AC-CNTR
  • 7-Gallon Controller Brain Module (1)
  • ¾’’ Straight Controller (7)
  • ¾’’ Stopper (4)
  • ¾’’ Rubber Grommet (8)
  • 15’ Length Tubing (1)
  • Vacuum Break Barbed Elbow (1)
  • 317 GPH Water Pump (2)


  • 2x Water Pumps (1x Fill Pump, 1x Drain Pump)
  • All connectors needed for the 3/4" ports for Multi Flow pots,
  • Fill/drain tubes and pump fittings


AirCube Active Oxygen Hydroponics System: Instruction Manual

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews

Love it

Knowyuhgrow Inc.
Game changer

The aircube brain system a game changer it give you a piece of mind I would definitely recommend it to any one.

12 pots... 7 lbs...

10 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
1ST RUN 12 POTS.... 7 LBS
INCREDIBLY EASY... just be sure to put plates in the bottom of the fabric pots or roots will grow into the drain hole.. FYI.. Other than that this is an amazing product. I would recommend to anyone... First time grower or a veteran grower you can benefit from this system.

Stan McGinnis
First Time Ebb and Flow User - Great Hardware!

I have the 6-site, 60 gallon rez setup, and I really like this unit! I love not having to manually water my plants because I do not have direct water source. Being able to put a week or two's worth of nutrients in the rez, then set the watering timer, and then not worrying about watering frequency.

There are a couple gotchas I would suggest new owners to look out for:
1) Your Brain Bucket MUST be on the same horizontal level as your plant buckets. The system relies on gravity and hydro dynamics when the plants are watered. So this will affect your setup if you use a tent. I have my rez outside my 4x4x6, and my Brain Bucket inside.
2) Be careful with the rubber feet on the pump you put in your Brain Bucket. The pump is fine, but if the rubber feet come off (you don't really need to use them) they can get stuck under one of the float sensors in the Bucket. If this happens your system will not fill and empty properly
3) Be mindful of how much space you need to grow. Realistically, 6 pots in a 4x4 tent is too many. Ideally, 4 in a 4x4 and 6 in a 5x5. I've read some of the customer feedback and GrowAce recommended you use 6 "just to be safe." But I don't see why you couldn't run 2-18 pots off one rez and BB. I'm running 5 pots as I had a plant die early on.

Yarmah Garwoloquoi

I love this system so so much really does get the job done

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