AirCube Ultra Heavy Duty Collapsible Reservoir - 105 Gallon

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Are you looking for a collapsible water reservoir for your plants? The heavy-duty hydroponic water reservoir by AirCube is a professional-grade water storage tank that can store 105 gallons of water. Its large water holding capacity makes it is ideal for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, etc. The tank has capacity markings that allow easy measuring. It can be assembled and collapsed in a matter of minutes. 

  • Collapsible Reservoir: The reservoir is collapsible, which allows for easy storage and can also be carried easily. 
  • Professional Grade: The professional-grade ensures that the reservoir can be used for repeated and extended use. 
  • Capacity Markings: With this, you can take complete control over the water used for watering the plants. 
  • Warranty Covered: The reservoir is warranty-covered, so the reservoir is completely in your hands. 

The collapsible reservoir will revolutionize how you have been storing water. The reservoir has been composed using heavy-duty material which will meet all your indoor growing needs. The container tank is huge and can be assembled in minutes without the need for any tools. The material of the reservoir is ultra-strong, ultra-rugged, thick, which makes it heavy-duty and durable. 

It is perfect for places where hard reservoirs cannot fit. It gives the right amount of protection to water and satiates the needs of the plants. The reservoir has a black interior which works great in warding off the bacteria, maintaining the goodness of water. The storage capacity of the reservoir is close to 105 gallons. 

The reservoir has been designed for places with scarce water supply. Don't worry about the water reservoir getting torn or damaged due to excess water. The best part of owning the reservoir is that it can be emptied when there is no need for water. You can drain the water and allow the tank to try. Assembling and collapsing the water reservoir requires very little time.


  • SKU/Model No.: CU-HDRES-105G
  • Capacity: 105 gallon/ 400 litre
  • Professional grade
  • Anti-tip design
  • Capacity markings for easy measuring
  • Can be assembled and collapsed in minutes
  • Ultra thick
  • Ultra strong
  • Ultra rugged

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jay Blazer
Holding up well

Thick and durable. I recommend it.

Marcus Hill

I’ve received the products but haven’t had the opportunity to set it up yet.

It works

Fast and easy I wish it had two extra ports

Kent Cushman
I like the way it takes care of its self

I need to order new pumps. Can’t trust them. One already stop on me but I got it to work again. I need to order two.

Rocky Phillips

For now so you have a heads up. We have not unboxed your items at this time. Will do an updated feed back after we have the season started.

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