AquaVita 10" Round Air Stone

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The 10inch AquaVita air stone helps maintain proper aeration and circulation of water in the aquarium and hydroponic systems. This round air stone can be used easily in aquariums and hydroponic systems to keep the aqua life stable. In addition, this stone works wonders when combined with the AquaVita air compressor.

  • Made Out of High-Quality Material: AquaVita air stones are made out of carborundum and ceramic materials that are warmed up at 1350 ºC. 
  • Better Air Circulation: This air stone improves air circulation in the aquarium and hydroponic systems.
  • Value for Money: You introduce a life-changing product in your industry by investing your money in this aquarium furniture.
  • Maintains Aqua Life: AquaVita air stone maintains a stable aquatic life for plants and fishes.

Your search for equipment to keep all aeration-related issues at bay is over. The Aqua Vita's 10" round air stone is here to provide a healthy environment for your aquariums and hydroponic systems. 

As the air stone is 10" inches in diameter, it can easily handle air circulation in big-sized aquariums and hydroponic systems. Its elegant finishing makes it an ideal choice for small-sized home aquariums also. 

Carborundum and ceramic compounds are warmed up at 1350 ºC to create one AquaVita air stone. The ceramic compounds and carborundum present in it help make this air stone durable. This air stone is shaped like a disc and produces small air bubbles while cleaning the water. For better results, use it with an AquaVita air compressorSmall bubbles start to form in the water when the air stone is on.

Investing in an air stone might look expensive. But this one-time investment guarantees you a safe and clean environment for your plants and fish. It consumes less power. Thus, you don't have to pay heavy electricity bills.

In the case of small aquariums, the air circulation created by the air stone helps fishes develop their muscles and provide nutrients to the plants. In hydroponic systems, it secures the roots of the plants from drowning. 

Before using the AquaVita air stone for the first time, please keep it in water for at least 6 hours. It helps in increasing the air stone's productivity. Also, please clean up your air stone from time to time to remove all the dirt from it. This practice ensures a longer life span of the air stone. 


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-851210

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