AquaVita 1585 Water Pump

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The AquaVita 1585 water pump is a submersible/inline water pump suitable for regular and large tanks. It's manufactured with stainless steel and weighs around 10 pounds, providing a solid structure for internal or external usage. The water pump is equipped with a 110-watt battery with a 1-year warranty that helps pump 1,585 gallons of water per hour. 

  • Warranty: Massive 110-watt battery of Aquavita water pump comes with a 1-year warranty but offers exceptional output for more than one year. 
  • Submersible/Inline: AquaVita has both submersible and inline water pumps, which are used inside and outside your tank. This high-quality multipurpose pump is ideal for anything from hydroponic systems to aquariums. 
  • Ceramic Shaft & Bearing: This steel-based water pump is equipped with a ceramic shaft and bearing, ensuring durability and reliability with its sturdy construction. 
  • High Magnetic Rotor: AquaVita pump has an environment-friendly oil-free magnetic rotor to maximize power, along with an inbuilt removable foam filter to protect the impeller from damage caused by stray particles. 

Introducing the AquaVita 1585 water pump, a perfect tool for large drainage like – ponds, basement flooding, swimming pools, plant watering, etc. This multipurpose pump is equipped with an 11- watt motor capable of lifting 1,585 gallons of water per hour. Epoxy resin also features a sealed motor, low operating notice, and a tight seal against water. 

Steel-based AquaVita pump also has a high-quality rare-earth rotor and ceramic shaft, making it super-efficient and providing unbeatable output with a 1-year warranty. In addition, AquaVita is designed as a submersible/inline water pump suitable for large and regular tanks. 

Furthermore, the pump has a bottom inlet, which helps it pump low-level waters to high lifts for a powerful water flow. In addition to this, the in-built thermostat ensures absolute safety while maximizing reliability. 

This water pump is listed in UL standards, ensuring the security and durability of the product. Moreover, it has a high magnetic environment-friendly rotor, which helps maximize the power and lift ground waters easily. 

As AquaVita has an inbuilt removable foam filter, it helps protect the impeller against damage caused by stray particles. Plus, AquaVita 1585 water pump has removable and adjustable suction cup feet, which prevent the shaft from sliding or moving. 

Additionally, every AquaVita sump pump kit will include one high-quality Garden hose adapter, which will adapt a typical garden hose to an AquaVita™Pump. However, adapters can also be purchased separately if required. Moreover, except for the smallest model, all AquaVita water pump models have a 5.75' grounded power cord.


  • SKU/Model: DL-501585

  • Dimensions: LxWxH - 8.5 x 8.5 x 12 inches

  • Material: Stainless steel 

  • Power source: Battery

  • Weight: 10 pounds

  • Gallons per hour: 1,585

  • Maximum height: 13.12ft

  • Watts: 110w 

  • Warranty: 1 year 

  • Included fittings: 1/2" inlet 3/4" inlet 1/2" outlet 3/4" outlet 

  • Adapter: 1 Garden hose adapter 

  • Certification: UL listed

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