AquaVita 159 Water Pump

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Are you finding an efficient and powerful hydroponic water pump? Then, AquaVita 159 is the right choice. It is designed to offer a regular supply of nutrients and water to your plants. Powerful mag drive build, a long-lasting impeller, and other incredible features make it a lot better than other water pumps.

  • Extremely Durable: This water pump is the most durable pump on the market. Thanks to the solid built and quality materials used.
  • Ceramic Bearing: It comes with a ceramic bearing for constant use.
  • Long-lasting Impeller: The pump is equipped with a durable impeller that helps withstand operation in water consisting of sediments and solids.
  • Removable Foam Filter: Fine mesh foam filter installed in the pump is removable. It gives the hydroponic system a seamless performance.

Successful plant growth in hydroponics solely relies upon a water pump. AquaVita 159 is a strong and maximum capacity water pump that allows the transfer of nutrient solution and water to the plants. It is perfect to use in hydroponics and other applications such as fountains, freshwater aquariums, etc.

The submersible pump comes with ½” outlet fittings so that you can exact fit every time. AquaVita 159 also comes with mounting feet made of rubber to lower vibration and noise levels. 

The pump comes with transfer capacities of 159 gallons per hour. It is built to stay longer. Thanks to the premium components. In addition to this, the water pump is inspected and tested carefully to ensure reliable performance at the customers’ end.

A removable foam filter protects the impeller from stray particle harm. The powerful motor is environmentally safe and is oil-free. The pump is equipped with a ceramic shaft for saltwater operation.

AquaVita 159 water pump has a dual function – use as inline or submersible. Submersible pumps reside inside the tank, whereas inline pumps are placed outside water. Inline pumps have more power, thus ideal for large set-ups. To switch to the inline pump, open the screen housing, get rid of the mesh filter, and link the grey fitting to the inlet.

To clean the water pump, eliminate the front cover, impeller and use a tiny brush and water to get rid of debris. AquaVita 159 water pump is UL listed, has one year warranty, and includes a 10’ heavy-duty power cord. Invest in this pump today for a bountiful harvest.


  • SKU/MODEL No.: DL-500159

  • Brand: AquaVita

  • Material: Ceramic

  • Power Source: AC/DC

  • Gallons Per Hour: 159

  • Power: 5 watts

  • Voltage: 120

  • Maximum Height: 2.9 feet

  • Grounded Cord: 10 feet, 120 Volt

  • Frequency: 60 Hz

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