AquaVita 238 Water Pump

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Are you looking for a water pump to satisfy your hydroponic and aquarium water pumping needs? Look no more; the AquaVita 238 water pump is your one-stop solution for all the water pumping needs. It comes with attached suction feet, which allow it to sit in one place and efficiently perform the function. So, invest in the best water pump today!

  • Multiuse: You can use the AquaVita 238 water pump in hydroponic systems, aquariums, or hobby hydroponics. They are built to pump water in all kinds of applications. 
  • High-Quality Construction: This water pump is made with high-quality material to perform efficiently underwater. The submersible pump has a ceramic shaft and solid construction to ensure reliability. 
  • Foam-Filter: It comes with removable foam filters that are pre-installed and protect the impeller from any damage by stray particles. 
  • Environment-Friendly Rotor: The AquaVita 238 Water Pump is equipped with an environment-friendly rotor that works oil-free and provides maximum power to the motor.  

The AquaVita 238 water pump is ideal for all your water pumping requirements. It is easy and safe to use. You can use it in aquariums, hobby-hydroponic, and hydroponic systems to pump water. Irrigation systems need a pump that can filter water faster and require a good height. 

This AquaVita water pump has a head height of 3.9 feet and can pump 238 gallons of water per hour. It is a submersible pump that provides efficient performance in salt and freshwater. Additionally, the pump requires 10 watts of power to run. It can be used to pump water up to 3.9 feet of height. It comes pre-equipped with a 10 feet grounded cord, which is built with premium quality material. 

The water pump is made with solid material to bear the temperature underwater and stay submerged without any damage for a long time. It comes with a ceramic shaft that is corrosion resistant. The suction feet attached at the bottom of the pump help the pump sit in one place and not move or slide with the water flow. The motor produces very little to no noise at all when working. Hence, it can be used in aquariums placed inside your house. 

These water pumps feature an oil-free high magnetic rotor that is also environmentally friendly. Its rotor produces maximum power for the pump to work with the least emission of any harmful agents. In addition, it comes with a foam filter that provides all-around protection to the impeller from stray particles.


  • Model No/SKU: DL-500238

  • Capacity: 238 GPH

  •  Maximum height: 3.9 feet

  • Power: 10 Watts

  • VOLTS: 120V

  • Frequency: 60Hz

  • Grounded Cord: 10 feet, 120V

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