AquaVita 6" Round Air Stone

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Get the best air stone for your hydroponics system today. The AquaVita 6" Round Air Stone is built to ensure that the plant roots do not drown. It generates fine bubbles, extends the lifespan of the nutrient solution, and keeps plant roots healthy. This air stone is also great in supplying oxygen in fish tanks, ponds, and aquariums.

  • Made Using Non-Toxic Material: This round air stone is manufactured with non-toxic materials - ceramic and carborundum fired at 1350 degrees Celsius.
  • Helps in the Nutrient Intake Process: Plants absorb water and minerals when more oxygen is present. It helps in making the nutrient solution more effective.
  • Prevent Plants from Getting Sick: Enhanced oxygen circulation around the plant roots is also beneficial in preventing deadly pathogens from making plants sick.
  • Cost-Effective: It is a small investment that can make a huge difference to the health of plants.

In the hydroponic growing system, plant roots suffocate without supplemental oxygen. As you know, without sufficient oxygen, plants fail to grow to their full potential. That is why the use of air stones plays an essential role in the hydroponic growing technique.

If you're worried about the health of plants, buy AquaVita 6" Round Air Stone today. This air stone is specially designed for gradual air diffusion in the tank filled with water. 

When you attach the air stone to the pump, it begins generating a steady flow of tiny fine bubbles for its size, which is important for oxygenating water optimally. This dissolved oxygen also helps in increasing the nutrient uptake to the roots. In addition, it helps in keeping the solution in the tank cleaner and makes plant roots healthy to promote vigorous growth. 

The air stone is also heavy enough to sink to the base and reside there. It is also perfect for fish tanks, aquariums, and ponds. This device reduces the bubbling noise and you can use it with all AquaVita air pumps. 

The AquaVita 6" Round Air Stone is also cost-effective. Make sure you soak the air stone in water for a minimum of six hours to one day before use. It helps you in getting a great outcome from the airstone.

You will receive good airflow from your air stone if you clean it every time you clean the hydroponic tank. The perfect cleaning schedule is usually once per week or bi-weekly. Invest in AquaVita 6" Round Air Stone to maintain the good oxygen flow to plants.


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-851206

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