AquaVita Air Compressor 110L/min.

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The AquaVita Air Compressor pumps out 110L of water per minute. This compressor is made from high-quality material. They are noise-free compressors and can be used any day. A 5' power cord is available with this air compressor for an unhindered power supply. You can easily fit a hose of 3/16" inner diameter into this air compressor. 

  • 5' Power Cord: AquaVita Air compressor comes with a 5' inch power cord that provides an uninterrupted power supply. 
  • Noise-free Compressor: It is a noise-free compressor, so you can use it any time of the day without disturbing anyone. 
  • 10 Outlet air divider: The ten outlet divider maintains the airflow between the AquaVita air compressor to function better. 
  • Double Diaphragm: A double diaphragm is available on this air compressor that makes sure it lasts long. 

Introducing the AquaVita Air Compressor 110L/min, which helps pump air or oxygen into aquariums & hydroponic systems. This air compressor can disperse up to 1750 gallons of water per hour. These high-quality air compressors are super quiet. The double diaphragm available on this air compressor makes it last longer.

Plus, AquaVita Air Compressors are equipped with a 5' power cord, ensuring the air compressor gets a proper electric supply. With an inner diameter of a 3/16" hose, you can easily use this air compressor in large to small-sized aquariums.  

The cost-effective AquaVita air compressor is well suited with AquaVita air stones for water diffusion in aquariums. You can use this air compressor for commercial and industrial purposes that require continuous water flow. In addition, it is highly valuable equipment for hydroponic systems.

The AquaVita Air Compressor 110L/min is fixed in a high-quality aluminum alloy case. That is fully resistant to any wear & tear and capable enough to endure high pressure - 0.035 MPa while reflecting high output. In addition, it is a durable piece of equipment that does not rust easily. 

The ten outlet divider makes sure that the air flows through the air compressor without any hindrance. It also ensures great productivity of the air compressor. You can use as many outlets as you want according to your preference. 

The AquaVita air compressor can be used for multiple purposes and in more than one industry. It comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty. If your air compressor stops working or faces some other issue, you can contact your manufacturer and replace it.


  • SKU/Model: DL601110

  •  Pump air: 110 litters per hour

  • Pump water: 1750 gallons per hour

  • Warranty: 1 year manufacturer property

  • Compatible with: 3/16" I.D. Air Hose

  • Maximum amperage: 1.0A

  • Maximum decibels: 60

  • Pressure: 0.035 MPa

  • Compatible for: Larger sized compost tea making containers

Additional Features:

  •  5' Power cord

  •  Double Diaphragm for long lasting reliability

  • 10 outlet air divider included

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