AquaVita Air Compressor 65L/min.

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Are you looking for a high-end air compressor that can provide an ample amount of oxygen to your hydroponic plants and fish? The AquaVita’s 65L/min air compressor is here to resolve all your problems. It is appropriate for mid-sized to small agro-industries and even households. It runs on a capacity of 65L/min.

  • 1030 GPH: AquaVita Air Compressor 65L/min can provide oxygen to 1030 Gallons of water per hour. 
  • 6 Outlets: For easy movement of oxygen, a six-outlet air divider is present in this air compressor. 
  • Double Diaphragm: The double diaphragm available in this air compressor ensures easy running.
  • 3/16” Hose Diameter: The diameter of the hose attached to the AquaVita air compressor is 3/16”. It gives out a high velocity of output.

The AquaVita's 65L/min air compressor can oxygenate 65 liters of water in a minute. In terms of hours, it can easily work on almost 1030 gallons of water. For mid-sized to small industries, this air compressor is an ideal choice. Even for households with a medium-sized aquarium, AquaVita 65L/min is a perfect choice.

As it is a noise-free machine, you can plug it in anytime or use it with AquaVita air stone for better output. In hydroponic systems, this air compressor oxygenates the water as required. Hence, ensuring proper growth of water.   

You can use this air compressor for irrigation purposes as well. During winterization, the AquaVita air compressor is also used to blow out residual moisture from the pipes to save them from breaking. This air compressor also fills in the wheels of your vehicle in case you can't reach your nearest mechanic.

6 Outlet air divider is present in the air compressor to free movement of gasses and liquids. You can control the pressure of the water and gasses according to your wish by opening and closing the outlets. 

A cord size of approx 5' inch is available with this air compressor. The diameter of the hosepipe available is around 3/16". AquaVita air compressor also has a double diaphragm that helps work efficiently. 

This air compressor comes with a 1-year warranty. If your AquaVita air compressor gets damaged, you can get it fixed or replaced by your manufacturer. The price of the AquaVita air compressor is quite nominal. Moreover, buying this air compressor won't cost you a fortune.  


  • SKU/Model No.: DL-600165

  • Capacity: 65L/min

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