AquaVita Air Compressor 75L/min.

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The AquaVita Air Compressor is the one-stop solution for adding oxygen to your aquariums or hydroponic systems. It promises a long shelf life and silent functioning. AquaVita Air Compressor has the capacity of 75L/min. It runs on a double diaphragm system and works best with AquaVita air stone.

  • 1188GPH: AquaVita air compressor can oxygenate up to 1188 gallons of water per hour. Thus, making it a great choice for big-sized aquariums.
  • 5’inch Power Cord: A power cord of 5inch is available with this air compressor which is good enough for proper functioning.
  • Economical: In terms of money, this compressor is quite affordable. It won’t make your pockets heavy.
  • 6 Outlet Air Divider: AquaVita air compressor has six outlets for easy airflow. 

For growers that require a consistent flow of oxygen for a hindrance-free functioning of their hydroponic system, this AquaVita air compressor is the right choice. In hydroponic systems, plants get nutrients through water and cannot even think of working without an air compressor. 

The AquaVita air compressor can seamlessly pump in oxygen to 1188 gallons of water in an hour per minute. This air compressor oxygenates 75 liters of water. A double diaphragm is present in this air compressor, ensuring long service life.

This air compressor is noise-free. This air compressor can be in use anytime without disturbing anyone. The combination of AquaVita’s air stone and air compressor provides a filtered and sterile environment for underwater life. It ensures that water flowing through aquariums and hydroponic systems are nicely aerated.

It has six outlets that allow a smooth and consistent airflow throughout the systems. In addition, you can easily control the number of outlets you have to put into use. The hose size of each outlet is 3/16’’ inch inner diameter.

This air compressor comes within a warranty period of 1 year. You can get your AquaVita air compressor replaced in case of any damage. If the air compressor has the chance of getting repaired, then the manufacturer will get the job done for you. 

Cost-wise, this air compressor is affordable. With a little expenditure, you will be able to provide an oxygen-filled surrounding to your plants as well as fish. A 5’ inch power cord is also available with this air compressor for its unhindered running.


  • Model No./SKU: DL-600175

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